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Q: Did daddy Yankee burn a Mexican flag?
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Did daddy Yankee burn the Mexican flag?

NO, he did not.

Did daddy Yankee burn Mexican flag?

NO, he did not.

Is it true daddy Yankee burned down the Mexican flag?

No. He did not burn the Mexican flag! he loves his culture and Mexico.

Did daddy Yankee really burn the Mexican flag?

The flag burning incident was only a rumor, Daddy Yankee has confirmed that no such incident has occurred. This rumor didn't even make it to Puerto Rico on the gossip media.

Why some people hate daddy Yankee?

some ppl hate him bcuz he bruned the Mexican flag and dat means he hate Mexicans and also for his songs

Did snoop burn a Mexican flag?

Yes he did

Did snoop dog burn a Mexican flag?

Yes he did

Does the Mexican flag really have a eagle on it?

The Mexican flag does have an eagle on it.

What colors is on the Mexican flag?

better question, what color is the mexican flag?

Colors of the Mexican flag?

the colors of the Mexican flag are: red white and green.

What colors are in the Mexican flag?

The colors in the Mexican flag are green, white and red.

What does the white on the Mexican flag represent?

the white on the mexican flag represents purity

What is the Mexican flags name?

Mexican Flag

Name of Mexico's flag?

Mexican flag.

What type of bird in Mexican flag?

A golden eagle is the type of bird on the Mexican flag.

What does the Eagle in the Mexican Flag Stand for?

the eagle in the mexican flag stands for bravery and their independent

What flag was captured by the Mexican army at the fall of the Alamo?

The Mexican captured the company flag.

Why is the Mexican flag green white and red?

Why is the Mexican flag red, white, and green

When was the first Mexican flag day?

February 24, 1821 when the first Mexican flag was designed.

What does the red on Mexican flag stand for?

the red on the Mexican flag stands for blood of Mexico's heroes

What is flag in Mexican?


Why burn the US Flag?

There is only one reason to burn a U.S. flag. That is when the flag is being retired and burning it is done in a respectable manner. Other than that, there is no acceptable reason to burn the flag.

What does the white on the mexican flag mean?

if you want to know what the meaning of the white part of the Mexican flag it means uniting among the Mexican people

Do Mexican soldiers have a Mexican flag patch on their uniform?


What flag is similar to Italy's flag?

The Mexican flag is very similar to the Italian flag