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On 22 August 1853, Nightingale took the post of superintendent at the Institute for the Care of Sick Gentlewomen in Upper Harley Street, London, a position she held until October 1854. Her father had given her an annual income of £500 (roughly £25,000/US$50,000 in present terms), which allowed her to live comfortably and to pursue her career. James Joseph Sylvester is said to have been her mentor.

By 1859 Nightingale had £45,000 at her disposal from the Nightingale Fund to set up the Nightingale Training School at St. Thomas' Hospital on 9 July 1860. (It is now called the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery and is part of King's College London.) The first trained Nightingale nurses began work on 16 May 1865 at the Liverpool Workhouse Infirmary. She also campaigned and raised funds for the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital in Aylesbury, near her family home.

In 1869, Nightingale and Dr Elizabeth Blackwell opened the Women's Medical College.

By 1882, Nightingale nurses had a growing and influential presence in the embryonic nursing profession. Some had become matrons at several leading hospitals, including, in London, St Mary's Hospital, Westminster Hospital, St Marylebone Workhouse Infirmary and the Hospital for Incurables at Putney; and throughout Britain, e.g., Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley; Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; Cumberland Infirmary and Liverpool Royal Infirmary, as well as at Sydney Hospital in New South Wales, Australia.

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Q: Did florence nightingale open her own hospital?
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I am doing a project about here and im almost finished, so hes my early life on her....hope it helps!:)Florence Nightingale was born on 12th of may 1820, she was named after the Italian city where she was born. She was the daughter of Frances Smith and William Nightingale who was a wealthy landowner. He taught her Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian, History, Philosophy and Maths. Florence had one sister, Partenope unlike her mother who grew up with ten siblings.At the age of twelve, she was determined to do something with her life. Even at a young age she cared for sick farmers and she had once saved a life of a dog that had a broken leg. When she was seventeen she was convinced that God was calling her to help others. She would tend to read nursing books secretly as often as she could, she also visited hospitals in London.In 1851, Nightingale visited Germany with her parents, she persuaded them to let her study at the Institutes of Protestant Deaconnesses at kaisewerth. Later on she was asked to supervise nurses who would assist doctors at barracks hospital in Turkey. Many doctors disapproved on Florence being there and never offered to help her. It didn't stop her, she helped treat over twelve thousand patients even though the hospital was low on supplies. Nightingale became sick with several illnesses due to working too close to her patients. She was almost killed by a fever and so had also lost her hair.sorry its quite long i couldn't be bother to short it down its copy and pasted from my prject and its in my own words.cbc:)

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