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Did general Grant win the wilderness campaign?


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The Battle of the Wilderness was the first battle in the Overland campaign.

No, Grant didn't win it - Lee had forced him to fight in dense forest, where the Northern advantage in artillery could not be utilised.

But instead of retreating to Washington, Grant hung on to Lee's flanks and eventually cornered him at Petersburg.

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The campaign was tactically inconclusive, but since Grant continued his advance toward Richmond, it was a strategic victory for the Union despite the high casualty count.

Poor wretches, suffocated by the burning undergrowth, and unable to use their field-guns in dense forest. Yet their morale was not shaken. When Grant ordered them to continue advancing, they set up a big cheer. Incidentally, the Wilderness was a battle, not a campaign. The campaign was the Overland Campaign, a bad mixture of failed assaults and long, soul-destroying months of siege. The only cheerful aspect was the general war situation, tilting in favour of the Union. Grant had ended the system of prisoner-exchange, so the Confederates were doomed to run out of manpower. And Lee was pinned down in a war of attrition that he could never win.

They didn't. The battle was a draw, but Lee won a tactical victory when Grant took his army away to the southeast.

Grant's victory at Vicksburg, Mississippi was a turning point in the war.

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Grant did not win Gettysburg. Grant was at Vicksburg at the time. Meade defeated Lee at Gettysburg. Grant closed the Mississippi to the South by seizing Vicksburg. Please rephrase your question.

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The Union won the Battle of Vicksburg, led by General Ulysses S. Grant

His popularity from being a general during the Civil War earned him many votes.

Because Lee forced him to fight in densely-wooded country, where the Union advantage in artillery could not be exploited.

Lieutenant General US Grant knew he both a military and political mission in his Overland campaign to assault Virginia. The Northern public, the US Congress and Northern newspapers saw Confederate General Robert E. Lee as a symbol of the Southern rebellion. While Grant realized that his planned destruction of any supplies that might go to aid Lee, his mission was incomplete unless he could prove that he could win battles against the elevated position of Robert E. Lee as one of the most gallant and wise generals in the entire war. Grant needed a political campaign, and only defeating Lee on the battlefield would create one. There was no glory in breaking down rail links.

The. North won . Robert E Lee surrenderd to General Grant.

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A diplomatic campaign to keep the four border-states from joining the Confederacy. Issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, to keep the British and French from granting recognition to the Confederacy. Promoting U.S. Grant to General-in-Chief.

Hiram Ulysses S. Grant, popularly known as Ulysses S. Grant served as a General and the 18th President of the US. He was also the last Lieutenant General (General-in-Chief) of the Union Army. Grant had been appointed to this position early in 1864. His outstanding battle victories convinced President Lincoln that Grant was the type of general he needed to win the war. Lincoln was well aware that Grant was a flawed general in that his drinking problem was national news. Lincoln chose to overlook this problem and hoped for the best. Lincoln also wanted to avoid the political problems that General George B. McClellan had caused. Therefore, Lincoln wanted to know if Grant had any political aspirations. Grant said he did not. Later, of course, Grant would run for the US presidency in 1868. He would win two terms.

Ulysses S Grant was given command of the Union Army because he knew how to win battles. Following the Battle of Shiloh, Halleck had taken over in Washington. Grant had stayed with the army as it captured Tennessee and moved south to capture Vicksburg. During that campaign Grant learned how to win battles against a larger force. Grant made a number of mistakes. He did not make the same mistakes twice.

The first Union General to win a significant battle was Meade (ably assisted by Buford, Reynolds and Hancock) at Gettysburg. The General who won the war was Grant.

Manassas/Bull Run (1st & 2nd) The Seven Days Battles (Peninsula campaign, Virginia) Fredericksburg Chancellorsville Chickamauga The Wilderness Spotsylvania Coldharbour

he was a general during the civil war he became president he helped win the civil war

He was criticised for letting the enemy take him by surprise on the first day. But the outcome was a Union win, with the death of an outstanding Confederate general, and overall Grant gained credibility.

grant won the battle of Gettysburg

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