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Did germany invade Sweden in World War 2?

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No. Both sides found it useful to have a few neutral countries. Sweden acted as a 'clearing house' for mail and parcels between Britain and the Continent. It took ages and the cost of postage was extremely high, but though the system creaked, it worked. Germany needed Sweden's iron ore, so Sweden agreed to sell iron ore to Germany. Both sides also found it sensible to have some means for governments to communicate with one another in a real emergency.
No. When WWII broke out, Sweden had many times stated herself as a strictly neutral country. It had not been involved in a war since 1814, which was exactly the way it should be in the minds of the Swedes. The war between England, France and Germany seemed so far away from Sweden, but when Russia attacked Finland and "The Finnish Winter War" started, Sweden suddenly became very close to the war. The Prime Minister R.A. Hansson, establish a coalition gov't with all the political parties included, except the Communists. They believed that they should stick together to avoid political disruption. The first purpose was to keep Sweden outside the war, no matter the cost. The second purpose was to stop the opposition from the inhabitants. P.A. Hansson continued to be Prime Minister and his strategy during the war was not to be strong and clear, and not to be neutral. Instead, he chose to be weak and vague, and not clearing out the arising problems until it was absolutely necessary, and even then he often solved them to the Nazi's advantage. Sweden, refused England and France in transporting their troops through Sweden to help Finland. On the 9th of April, the Nazis attacked and occupied Denmark and Norway. On the 8th of June, Sweden gave the Nazis permission to transport soldiers through Sweden. German soldiers were transported on large masses on the Swedish railways during 3 years to August in 1943, when it was clear that Germany would lose the war. The population managed, and food supplies functioned better than it had done in the previous war. Sweden was cut-off from the West, but convoys from Gothenburg brought the necessary food supplies. Large scale exports of iron ore to Germany continued. It was probable one reason for the German occupation of Norway, since the iron was shipped ouot from Narvik, and the British started mining that area to stop the export of iron. Sweden chose to ignore the fact Germany was making guns from the iron. When it comes to the iron ore trade, as Germany started losing the war Sweden gradually exported less iron ore to Germany.
No. Sweden was neutral during the war. It allowed German troops to go through Sweden but it was never occupied.

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Adolf Hitler and Nazis Germany started World War II by first invading Poland, not Sweden.

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Sweden is a very mountainous country making it easy to defend and hard to take. These are the exact reasons why Hitler did not.

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Only a few, but most notably, Sweden. Sweden practiced neutrality at war, so Hitler went around them.

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Germany did not invade Canada, ever.

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Sweden wasn't, as it was neutral. Germany obviously

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No, Sweden took a neutral stand during the Second World War, so Germany did not invade them. PS: Just in case you aren't sure, a neutral stand is when a country neither goes to war or picks sides during a conflict.

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Sweden was neutral in Word War II.

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World War 2 started when Britain and France declared war on germany. France and Britain declared war on germany because hitler sent his army to invade Poland

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Sweden was not, as it was neutral. Finland was not, but it was an ally of Germany. Germany obviously was occupied by Germany.

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