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Such an interesting question. Most believe that God (by whatever name you use) did make Bermuda and the seas around it and the earth on which it rests. People made the Bermuda Triangle with a map, a ruler, a pencil, and an overactive imagination. UFOs are made by both God and people in that something flying could be debris from space like small meteors or remains of old, burned up satellites, or anything that's in the air that can't be identified, even an old plastic bag too high to see what it actually is.

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Q: Did god made the UFOs and the Bermuda triangle?
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Do God and Jesus fly in UFOs?


Does God and Jesus flies in UFOs?

no aliens do

What is bimodal triangle?

beimodal triangle is a place of satan not made for people of God to live......

God and Jesus flown in UFOs?

This is nonsense as the bible never mentions it anywhere.

What was Atlantis?

Technically speaking no one actually knows whether or not Atlantis was real. However it was said to be a lost civilization that was to be far more advanced then the world today. Atlantis was said to be a whole continent. Supposedly, the Greek god Poseidon (god of water) was angry at the city and so submerged it. But what is mysterious is that Atlantis was thought to be in the Bermuda Triangle(the graveyard of the ocean). The Bermuda Triangle is a triangle with points made up of three cities Miami, San Juan PUERTO RICO and Bermuda. It is said that thousands of vessels have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle; without a trace! Maybe it's the city taking it's revenge on the world but no one will ever know. Instead it will remain a mystery...Written by PianoCullenTo be honest Atlantis was not sunk by Poseidon since Atlantis was his creation and it worshipped only him, from what i have gathered from documentary's and books Atlantis had become such a marvel that the other gods became jealous that Poseidon had made such a perfect creation and they hadn't so they punished Atlantis by sinking it into the sea since they could not punish PoseidonEdited by Irascor

What is national anthem of Bermuda?

God Save the Queen

How do UFOs relate to God?

Nobody really knows. They may be related or may not. I'm suprised when I hear an abductee speak of their experiences yet have not asked about God or if they even believe.

What things happened in the Bermuda triangle?

You ask yourself what thing happen in the Burmuda Triangle, then ask yourself what hasen't happen there. There has been many strange things and sighting's there. Some people believe that the God of Jesus Christ use's that island to watch over us some how, some way... :) I hope I have answered your question have a great day

What's with the eye in the triangle?

The eye in the triangle is the Eye of Providence; it symbolizes God's all seeing eye.

What mysteries and questions are still being discussed and investigated?

The list is almost endless. UFO's, the human brain, God and the bible, the statues of Easter Island, unknow species such as Bigfoot, unknown and as yet undocumented species of the Amazonian rain forest, ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle.

If god made people then how was god made?

God is the Universe. The Universe is God.

What was the date when god made a covanant with god?

God never made a covenant with god.

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