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Not necessarily. While gold is worth more than silver, there is more silver. The people that REALLY made money were the people that sold supplies to the miners.

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Q: Did gold miners make more money than sliver miners?
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How did miners make money in the Australian gold rush?

by finding gold

How much money did the Californian gold miners make a day?

* *

Why did people rush west during the gold rush?

People rushed West during the Gold Rush because they all wanted to make a profit from the gold. Some of the people who traveled west were miners and merchants; the miners came to search for gold and the merchants came to make a profit from the miners. Many people left their homes and families, in order to make a fortune from the Gold Rush.

What precious metal is used to make the embroideries decorating the morccan Fantasia saddles copper sliver gold?


How did the gold rush get its name?

Because the miners 'rushed' to get the gold. rush is to hurry or make haste.

How did women generally make money in mining comunities?

Life was rough in mining towns. Few women or families came with the miners. The women that did end up in the gold towns generally were prostitues or did miners laundry. There is a reason why the gold rush towns had names like Hangtown.

When was gold discovered in cali?

Gold was discovered in California in 1848. The result was an influx of miners hoping to make a fortune by mining gold.

Why did LEGO invent Power miners?

As usual, to make more money.

What were miners goals in late 1800s?

the goals of the miners in late 1800 was to make their masters richer by mining up gold and other rare and valuable minerals therefore starting the gold rush

How does mining cause deforestation?

Rainforests are filled with precious minerals (e.g. gold and copper...) so the trees are cut down, to ensure that miners and quarryers can get to the minerals and make money!

Why did the miners want and need the gold so bad?

A: to get rich B: to make a fortune quickly

What material did the gold miners use to make their tents?

They wouls cut down trees to make tents so the material was wood

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