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Did homo erectus live during the ice age?

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What were the achievements of homo erectus and homo sapiens during the stone age?


What stone age was the spear invented in?

During the old stone age in the time of Homo erectus or Homo neanderthalensis.

What age did Homo Erectus live?

It is said that they live 1.6 million to 800,000 years!

What is the difference between Homo erectus and the Australopithecus?

The Australopithecus is newer in age than the Homo Erectus

Did the Homo habilis live in the Ice Age?

I'm pretty sure they first started out in the early Stone Age, and then as time grew on, homo habilis formed into homo erectus, then homo sapiens. So they might have still existed in the Ice Age, but nobody knows for sure!

How did homo erectus deal with the ice age?

they survided by warm caves

What hominids lived during the Mesolithic age?

Ardipithicus, Homo Hablis and Homo Erectus. I know because I'm a college level history teacher who teaches at Maryland University.

Why did homo erectus evolve into homo sapiens?

Because the ice age affected alot. their hair started to fall of and their diet changed.

Did the Native Americans live during the dinosaur age?

Homo Sapiens did not exist at the time

How did tools improve during the old stone age?

Tools improved during the Stone Age because as time moved on the Australopothecus's evolved into an Homo-Habilis and their brain grew half the size of modern humans, which later evolved into a Human. Since the homo erectus didn't evolve until millions of years.

What hominids developed during the old stone age?

Homo Ergaster and Homo Habilis

When did homo hablis live?

in the stone age i think...

How did the technology of fire building change life in the old stone age?

besides cooking with fire, homo erectus discovered other practical uses for it.

Homo sapiens that lived during the Ice Age are called?


Why did the Homo Habilis move during the ice age?

Because of the harsh weather

What did male homo sapiens do?

they hunted gathered and lived during the ice age

Homo sapiens that lived during the ice age was called what?

Cro-magnon or homo sapiens sapiens. By the end of the last ice age, we had evolved (as best we can tell) into the form we currently have.

What was found in the olduval gorge?

Pleistocene fossil remains of carthorse size sheep,rhino sized pig,gorilla sized baboon including stone age tools and skulls of early three links to homonids ancestors :Australopithecus,Homo habilis and Homo erectus.

What environment did neanderthals live in during the ice age?

They didn't live during the ice age.

Who were the first humans to learn to deliberately make fires?

There are many theories as to when fire could have been controlled by humans, the earliest being about 1,000,000 years ago. It was used to cook food, stay warm and keep nocturnal animals away by our ancestor Homo Erectus during the Early Stone Age.

People during the Ice Age?

What are you asking about them? If you wanted to know what they were called, there were three species of humans known to have lived during the last Ice Age. The earliest was Homo heidelbergensis, which evolved into the other two species during the ice age. These were Homo neanderthalis (which died out 30,000 years ago), and Homo sapiens (modern humans). H. neanderthalis and H. heidelbergensis both died out before the end of the Ice Age. H. sapiens are the only human species known to have survived beyond the end of the last Ice Age.

Where did these people live during the Ice Age?

I am not sure what you mean by "these people." There were three species of humans that lived during the last Ice Age. First were Homo heidelbergensis, which lived in Africa, Europe, and Asia, but died out long before the end of the Ice Age. They are believed to have evolved into two species, Homo neanderthalis and Homo sapiens. H. neanderthalis lived in Europe and the Middle East, but they died out 20,000 years before the Ice Age ended (that is 30,000 years ago). H. sapiens, the modern humans like you and me, are the only species known to have survived the Ice Age. By the end of the Ice Age, we had already spread to every continent except Antarctica.

What age did the Neanderthal live during?

Ice age

How did the Homo sapiens survive during the ice age?

One theory says the only cro-magnon (early homo sapien) peoples who survived the devastating ice age lived on a small strip of land on Africa's southern coast east of Cape Town. It was the only place that remained habitable during the ice age.

What was the greatest achievement during the stone age?

Invention of Fire by H. erectus, invention of art by modern man, and invention of agriculture by modern man.