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Q: Did hurricane Katrina flood bourbon street?
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What does hurricane Katrina cause?

A flood and a whole lot of wind

How big was the flood in Hurricane Katrina?

it flooded 80% of new orleans

What are the differences between the 1927 flood and the hurricane Katrina flooding?

the Flood of 1927 took place in 1927 and hurrican Katrina took place in 2005

What foods does the government say should be destroyed following Hurricane Katrina or any other hurricane or flood?

all food contaminated by flood water

Is a Katrina hurricane worst than a flood and a tornado and an earthquake and a snow storm?

There is no such things as "a Katrina hurricane." Hurricane Katrina was a particular hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005. Hurricane Katrina was worse than any tornado on record and deadlier and more destructive than any recorded snowstorm. Katrina was worse than most earthquakes, but not all. Hurricane Katrina killed about 1,800 people. Some earthquakes have had death tolls in the hundreds of thousands.

How bad was Hurricane Ike in comparison to Hurricane Katrina?

Well ike had more strom damage itself than katrina but katrina broke the leves causing lake ponchartrain to flood the land. but stormwise ike was worse.

How much did New Orleans flood?

80% of the City of New Orleans flooded during Hurricane Katrina.

What year did the flood happen in New Orleans?

If you're referring to the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina it was in 2005.

Why was hurricane Katrina so devistating?

Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating hurricane because New Orleans is built below sea level. It is bordered by The Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain and the flood defences could not cope with the pressure of the water. Levees built couldn't keep out the flood water and the city flooded.

What occurred that caused new Orleans to flood during hurricane Katrina?

The sea-defences were breeched and flooding occurred.

What was the average cost of the homes lost in hurricane Katrina?

there is an estimated $44Billion in losses due to property damage as a result of hurricane Katrina. source:

What is A list of flood names?

Well floods do not exactly have names just places. But hurricanes do like hurricane Katrina for instance!

What do floods do?

there are 2 types of floods. one is a flood where a river bursts its banks due to torrential rain. and the other is a sort of storm surge from a hurricane (see hurricane Katrina and new Orleans).

What was Hurricane Katrina?

Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic tropical cyclone of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the costliest natural disaster in US history, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes. Its major impact was to flood the city of New Orleans through damage to its protective levee system.

How many homes were flooded in Katrina?

During Hurricane Katrina, 80% of New Orleans was flooded. About 134,000 homes were damaged by the flooding in New Orleans alone. There were over 800,000 homes with flood and storm damage in total.

What is the difference between an earthquake and a flood?

An earthquake is the shaking of the earth caused by the shifting of techtonic plates. A flood is caused by an abundance of water, or the failure of control systems to contain that abundance of water (e.g., NOLA during Hurricane Katrina).

Does a hurricane make a flood?

yes, it does

Did hurricane Katrina take precaution?

A hurricane is a non reasoning entity , please do not ask questions like this. I assume that the questioner is not very familiar with the English language, possibly a recent immigrant. Probably what he/she wanted to ask is: 'Did people take precautions when warned that Hurricane Katrina was approaching?'. The answer is that some precautions were taken, but the flood defenses in New Orleans had not been well maintained for some years.

To what extent was hurricane Katrina a natural disaster?

The hurricane itself WA natural, nothing could have prevented it. Flood defenses were deficient, which made the damage worse than it might have been. The authiorities responded slowly (?) which added to human suffering.

What went wrong with the levees in hurricane Katrina?

The problem that went wrong with the levees in New Orleans is that the wall pieces were only individual and the force of the hurricane could easily knock one down and begin to flood the city of New Orleans.

What weather problems did hurricanes Katrina?

flood da s

Why was hurricane Katrina so devastating to New Orleans?

Hurricane Katrina made landfall just east of Now Orleans as a category 3 hurricane. The speed and direction of the winds was right that the storm surge was pushed from Lake Pontchartrain into the levees protecting New Orleans, causing them to burst and flood most of the city. Parts of New Orleans is underwater so the water flowed in but a lot of it did not flow back out.

Did hurricane Katrina flood the city of new orleands in 2005?

Yes, the 2005 flooding from Hurricane Katrina was massive. There were houses underwater in areas. The hurricane pushed in water from the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. There were many canals throughout the city, and then the levees failed. There were many breaches in the levee system, and six of them were major. The levee failures increased the flooding by 80%. Entire parishes were under water.

Can a hurricane produce a flash flood?

Yes. Flooding is the biggest danger in a hurricane.

What is the most dangerous a flood or a hurricane?

Hurricane of course. Hurricane can make floods, but floods cant make hurricane it self. Aha.