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Did i know about my CDC of panama?

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Yes you can know about your CDC for Panama. Now day's their are so many agent which are known to get Panamanian CDC but only few of them are use full to get original CDC. As CDC come from Panama consulate so when you ge'n the CDC ask for BLUE chit which is receipt for og Panama CDC. Further you can check either your CDC is valid or not by follow site :http:/

You can also send inquiries to htt://

Its a website from Panama Marine Group, Inc who lead the CDC and COC service in Panama. Very honest and fast service for a very reasonable price.

You can also write to

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Can you get panama CDC in India?

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What is Panama CDC?

A Panama CDC is the maritime document that shows your rmaritime experience, records, sea time, rank, etc. This is the main document used to get hired on a ship. The Republic of Panama has the largest registry of ships in the world and a Panamanian Registered ship requieres its seamen to have a Panamanian CDC in order to get hired. You can learn more in

Is Panama CoC accepted by the Indian government?

No, you can have the rank cdc on the behalf of a Panama CoC nor the COE that means a Panama CoC holder candidate cannot sail on a Indian flag vessel.

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reneval of cdc form b

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