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No John Quincy Adams was not assassinated. The only presidents that were assassinated were Garfield, Kennedy, Lincoln, and McKinley.


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Francis G Adams was related to neither John Adams or John Q adams but John Adams and John Q Adams are father and son father=John Adams son=John Q Adams

He was never assassinated.

john q Adams was in Dep/Rep: )

The Second President, John Adams.

John Adams, John Q. Adams, John Tyler, and John Kennedy.

His fathers name is John Adams and his mothers name is Abigail Adams

Well Samuel Adams was related to John Adams, they were cousins. John Adams was John Quincy Adams father. Therefore Samuel Adams was John Adams second cousin.

No, he died a peaceful death.

John Q. Adams was not assasinated. He lived into very old age. He was also the only President of the United States to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives after his Presidential term. While his Presidency was considered a failure, he is also considered to be the greatest Secretary of State in U.S. history.

Actually, John Adams was the father of John Quincey Adams. John Q.'s mother was Abigail Smith Adams.

John Q. Adams. Adams after his post-presidency lived through the Jefferson, Madison, Monroe & Adams Administrations.

John Adams had 6 kids Susanna, Thomas, John Q. Adams, Charles, Abigail, and Martin van Buren

John Q. Adams followed in his farther john Adams footsteps

no, John Adams (her husband) was only president once after that John Q. Adams, her son, was president.

John and John Q. Adams (with their wives) are interred beneath the United First Parish Church in Quincy, MA.

George Washington, John Adams II, Charles Francis, and Louisa Catherine

john Adams dad was a farmer and his mom did nothing back in the day

You can trace Warren F Adams back to John Adams 1502. John's son Henry Adams 1531 was a direct descendant of John Adams 2nd President and John Q. Adams 6th President.

John Q. Adams is elected president.

His wife was Louisa Adams

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