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Before. The Bible mentions his father when describing the early life of Jesus but it does not mention his father during the time after the start of Jesus's ministry. Hmm. I can't say now if there is a scripture that says his father died but it does mention his Mother and brothers so it may be assumed he was dead. I'm sure there is a verse somewhere.

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Q: Did Joseph father of Jesus die before of after the crucifixation of Jesus?
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Was Joseph born before Jesus?

As Joseph was Jesus father, he was naturally born before Jesus.

Is this the same Joseph that father Jesus?

Mary conceived before she and Joseph were married so it's obvious that he is not the biological father of Jesus. But he was His earthly father.

How did Saint Joseph follow Jesus?

Joseph was the foster father of Jesus. However, he had died before Jesus began his ministry so did not follow Jesus. He died a Jew.

Was Saint Joseph a father to Jesus?

Saint Joseph was the foster father of Jesus. God was his father.

Was Jesus's father really Joseph and the coat with many colors?

No. Joseph and the coat of many colors is way before Jesus. Joseph (coat) was the son of Jacob and, because of what happened, he brought his family to Egypt (which is why there were Israelites in Egypt that needed to be freed from God). Joseph (Jesus's father) was just his father.

What was Saint Joseph's relationship to Jesus?

Joseph was the foster father of Jesus, his legal but not biological father.

How many father did Jesus have Was Joseph his father too?

Jesus had only one father and that was Joseph the husband of Mary. Jesus also had a heavenly father God

Who is older between Joseph and Moses?

Joseph the son a Jacob existed before Moses. Joseph the father of Jesus existed after Moses.

Is Joseph the father of Jesus the same Joseph that is Jacob's son that was sold into slavery?

No they are two different Josephs, that was a common name then. Jacobs son Joseph was in the old testament, and lived centuries before Joseph the father of Jesus in the new testament..

Where was Joseph when christ died on the cross?

Are you referring to Jesus's father Joseph? We don't really know, but Christians assume that Joseph died before Jesus began his public ministry.

What was the special relationship between Saint Joseph and Jesus?

they were father and son

God is Jesus heavenly father Joseph is Jesus earthly father did Jesus have another father?

No, He had no other father, it is as you wrote, God was His heavenly father, and Joseph was his earthly step-father. He had no other father.

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