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Who were the children of binta and omoro kinte?

kunta kinte, lamin kinte, madi kinte, suwadu kinte

When was Kunta Kinte captured?

Kunta Kinte was captured in 1767

Was Kunta Kinte married?

yes kunta kinte is married

When was Kunta Kinte created?

Kunta Kinte was created in 1976.

What did Kunta Kinte work as?

kunta kinte worked as a slave in the book ''roots''

How old was kunta kinte when he died?

kunta kinte was 50 years old when he died a slave in America

Is there a picture of kunta Kinte?


What does the name Kunta kinte means?

it means man over no other man.[kunta] kinte means a slave

What language did kunta kinte speak?

Kunta Kinte was a fictional character in the book "Roots." His native language was not revealed.

Was Kunta Kinte a Mandingo?

Kunta Kinte was a Mandigo(mandinka) warrior in the from the Guinea, Senegal, and Sierra Leonne region.

When was Kunta Kinte - album - created?

Kunta Kinte - album - was created on 2006-02-21.

Kunta kinte man hood training?

Omoro kinte

Why did Kunta Kinte get his foot cut off?

Kunta Kinte got his foot cut of cause he made 4 attempts 2 escape.

Who is gregs real dad?


Who was Kunta Kinte's daughter?

Kizzy Kinte

Did kunta kinte really exist?


What is the Gambia famous for?

kunta kinte was born there

What religion did kunta kinte practice?


Did kunta kinte reside in Ashland Virginia?


Did Kunta Kinte have siblings?

he had 3 brothers

What was kunta kinte slave name?


How much did Kunta Kinte sell for?


Was Kunta Kinte free?

Kunta Kinte was a Gambian-born slave whose story was the basis for the show Roots. Kunta Kinte was not a free slave he tried several times to escape and finally half his right foot was cut off to keep him from running again.

What happened to kunta kinte?

Kunta Kinte was an African of the Mandico tribe in author Alex Haley's book "Roots." In the biography of Haley's family, Kinte is brought to America on a slave ship and sold to a plantation owner.

Did Kunta Kinte have kids?

yeah 1 daughter

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