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Yes she did because on Disney channel it said that she did.

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Q: Did miley really write the songs on meet Miley Cyrus CD?
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Has Miley Cyrus written any songs for her albums?

yes she has for Miley Cyrus albums. She doesnt really write songs for Hannah Montana album

Who is the composer of Miley Cyrus 's songs?

a few people compose Miley Cyrus songshere is the list of composers of her songs1. Miley Cyrus2.antonina armato

Is Miley Cyrus dumping Hannah Montana?

No one really knows but.... She hasn't really made Hannah Montana songs there just Miley Cyrus songs. rumors are going around that she is though

How many hit songs has Miley Cyrus had?

about 90 hits that miley cyrus in her life

How many songs does miley cyurs's have?

Miley Cyrus has recorded 67 songs, currently.

How many songs has Miley Cyrus wrote?

Miley Cyrus didnt write most of her songs. other people did. she cheated.

How many songs does Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus?

first:Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus.she got alot of songs

How many songs did Miley Cyrus whrite on her album''meet Miley Cyrus''?


What are some songs like can't be tamed Miley Cyrus?

liberty walk by Miley Cyrus

What songs are country by Miley Cyrus?

One Miley Cyrus country song is Hoedown Throwdown, performed by Miley Cyrus, in the movie, "Hannah Montana the movie"

Does Miley Cyrus steel songs?

No She Does Not

How many songs did Miley Cyrus co write on her album meet Miley Cyrus?

She was a co-writer for 8 of the 10 songs.

What are Miley Cyrus songs all about?

Miley Cyrus usually writes songs about what she experience in life, but also about love and having fun!

How many songs did Miley Cyrus wright?

Billy Ray Cyrus Miley's Dad Actually Wrote All Her Songs. He Wrote 123 Songs That Miley Cyrus Sung.

Does Billy Ray Cyrus really write the songs for Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana?

Billy Ray Cyrus has contributed to several songs, but Miley herself has written or collaborated on more of them. Miley wrote songs for Disc 2 of "Meet Miley Cyrus" (2007), and almost all of the songs for her second album "Breakout" (2008). She writes some of her songs with her sisters, and gets some from other songwriters. For the "Hannah Montana" movie, this includes songs by Tayor Swift.

How many songs do Miley Cyrus have?

75 songs

How many songs did Miley Cyrus do?

75 songs

Does billy ray Cyrus really write songs for Miley Cyrus?

yes he does well nearly all of them

Can you get a CD by Miley Cyrus that has all of her songs on it?

Well sorta you can get all the songs of Miley from the movie the CD is called Miley Cirus Movie

Does Miley Cyrus like Fergie?

Miley Cyrus does like Fergie. She is a big fan. Miley knows almost all of the words to Fergie's songs !!!

What does Miley Cyrus love to do with her dad?

Miley Cyrus loves to help and watch him write songs for Hannah Montana.

Does Miley Cyrus lip sync her own songs?

No Miley Cyrus does not lip sing she refuses to lip sing

Does Miley Cyrus sing Hannah Montana songs at a Miley Cyrus concert?

It would be more accurate to say that the character of Hannah Montana sings Miley Cyrus's songs; but yes the songs that Hannah sings on the show are the same as the ones that Miley perfoms in her concerts.

Does Miley Cyrus wrote her songs?

Some of them

Does Miley Cyrus sing Christian songs?