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Q: Did mitt Romney save Massachusetts
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Was Mitt Romney governor of Massachusetts?

Yes, Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007.

What political experience did Mitt Romney have?

Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts

Where does Mitt Romney live?

Mitt Romney lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

What did Mitt Romney do as a governor of Massachusetts?

As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney reduced the unemployment rate in that state.

What is Mitt Romney's former occupation?

Mitt Romney's former occupation was Governor of Massachusetts

Who was governor of Massachusetts in 2006?

Mitt Romney

Who was governor of Massachusetts in 2005?

Mitt Romney

Where has Mitt Romney worked?

He was the Governor for Massachusetts.

Where does mitt romey live?

Mitt Romney lives in Boston, Massachusetts

What is Mitt Romney's job experience?

Prior to running for president 2012, Mitt Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts.

Did Mitt Romney ban assault weapons in Massachusetts?

Mitt Romney does not have the authority to unilaterally ban assault weapons.

What other political offices has Mitt Romney had in his career?

Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 until 2007.

Is Mitt Romney from Texas?

No. Mitt Romney was born and grew up in Michigan, and later moved to Massachusetts, where he was governor.

What was mitt Romney's previous jobs?

governor of Massachusetts

Where was Mitt Romney governor?

Massachusetts, from 2003 to 2007.

What state is Mitt Romney governor of?

He was the governor of Massachusetts.

Who was the Governor of Massachusetts in 2004?

Mitt Romney (R)

Where is Mitt Romney registered to vote?

Belmont, Massachusetts

What is Mitt Romney home state?

Mitt Romney grew up in Michigan but has lived in Massachusetts for most of his adult life.

What is Willard Mitt Romney's legal residents?

Mitt Romney and his wife reside in Belmont, Massachusetts. They both vote from Belmont, Massachusetts, claiming Belmont their legal residence.

Was Mitt Romney the governor of Michigan?

No, Mitt Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. His father, George W. Romney, was the Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969.

What was mitt Romney's old job?

Before Mitt Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts, he worked at a business firm called Bain Capital.

What is Mitt Romney's work experience?

former Governor,Massachusetts

Is Mitt Romney still governor of Massachusetts?

No. The current governor of Massachusetts is Deval Patrick.

Where did Mitt Romney serve as governor?

Mitt Romney served as governor of Massachusetts from June 2, 2003 until January 4, 2007.