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Q: Did more Americans get drafted or volunteer during World War 2?
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How many Americans were drafted during World War 2?

According to Wikipedia, during WWII, somewhat over 10,000,000 men were inducted. The question was how many African Americans were drafted, the answer does not clarify this.

Why did the Nisei wanted to volunteer to serve in the US military during World War 2?

To prove they were loyal Americans

What law drafted 3 million Americans into military service during World War 1?

The Conscription Act of 1917

How malnourished were Americans who were drafted as World War 2 soldiers?


Was World War 1 a volunteer or draft?

The same as with WWII, Korea, and Vietnam...both (men were drafted & volunteered).

Were women drafted during world war 2?


How old do you have to be to be drafted during World War 2?

You had to be between the ages of 18 and 35 to be drafted in World War 2.

Were soldiers drafted during World War 2?


Were there drafts during world war 2?

Most of the men were drafted.

What was a drafted soldier called during World War 2?


Drafted soldier abbreviation during World War 2?


How did the Americans defeat the most powerful military in the world with just volunteer famers?

Because we are badass, Also because the french lead a blockade of the British ships during the revolution.

How many women were drafted into military service during World War 1?

Women were, and are never DRAFTED. only men.

Were soilders drafted of volunteered during world war ii?

soilders votenterd

Were men drafted into US navy during World War 2?


How were Jewish Americans treated during World War 1?

Jewish Americans were not treated any different during World War I.

Which Americans were interned during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans .

What did they call a female volunteer during World War 2?

Women's Army Corps (WAC) , Waves -"Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service" .

Were men with 1 or more children drafted during World War 2?


How many American men were drafted during world war 2?

10 million

Were famous people drafted during World War 2?

Some were, but it was much more common for famous people to enlist (volunteer) rather than wait to be drafted. Often, famous people were given assignments in the military that were in keeping with their civilian abilities. For example, a famous musician was likely to be employed in a band unit or in entertaining the troops.

What was it called when you joined the army during world war 2?

this will not fit in my crossword puzzle but, Volunteer?

Were canadians drafted in World War 2?

Yes, Canadians were drafted into the Military during World War 2, most of these people were Blacks and other kinds of Mix-raced people.

What were German-Americans and Irish-Americans called during World War 1?

German- Americans and Irish- Americans were commonly called hyphenateds during the WWI area.

How many people were drafted in World War 2?

== In the US there were 11,535,000 draftees during WWII.