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Yes he did.

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Q: Did Newt Gingrich get annulments from the Catholic Church for his previous marriages?
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Can a Catholic chaplain marry a Catholic and a person from a different religion?

First of all, the chaplain must be an ordained priest or deacon in good standing. If that is the case, then he can marry a catholic and non-catholic, as long as they both meet requirements if any previous marriages, and if non-catholic agrees to catholic's oath to bring up children Catholic. Check with priest for details.

Can a bride get married at the altar if she is pregnant in a Catholic Church at the altar?

After receiving the sacrament of Penance (confession) and assuming all other requirements are met ( no previous marriages,etc.) then the answer is YES

Can Catholic church legally investigate non Catholics in the annulment process?

The Catholic Church only investigates Church annulments, and, in the course of such investigation, does ask for testimonies from non-Catholics. But for the most part, the Church has no legal jurisdiction in most countries in the world in 2013. She must investigate if, for instance, a non-Catholic asks for an annulment for a previous marriage, if the non-Catholic is seeking an annulment from the Catholic Church, say, in order to marry a Catholic. Such investigation is carried on at the request of the non-Catholic, the particular legal status of such an investigation would be dependent on the country in which it was being carried out.

Is a marriage legal if one person lied about previous marriages on the wedding license?


You were married in a register office before and then divorced you then converted to being a catholic and married again in a civil ceremony to a divorced man can you receive communion?

no, you are outside of the laws of the church. See a priest about nullifying the both of your previous marriages

Was Celine Dion's husband married before?

Yes. He has children from his two previous marriages.

Can a Divorced womam from a preiously divorced man marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church?

No. However, it would be possible if the previous marriage were annulled by the Catholic Church. This would be easier if the previous marriage was not within the Catholic Church. If the previous marriage was within the Catholic Church, an annulment is very difficult. It must be demonstrated that the marriage never existed. To be married in the Catholic Church, both man and wife must be Catholic and in good standing with the Church.

Two divorced catholics want to get married in the church now can they were not married Catholic the first time?

They will need to nullify their previous marriages because of improper form. This is easily done i-consult a priest to submit the proper information to the diocese

Can a Catholic receive communion on Easter if not married in the Catholic church?

Yes, if in the state of grace and not divorced from a previous catholic marriage

Can a Catholic man and a non Catholic divorced woman marry in the Catholic church?

Not unless the non-catholic marriage is annulled by the catholic church or if the non catholic previous marriage was to a catholic in a non catholic ceremony.

Can a divorced Catholic already previously married in a Catholic church re marry in a Catholic church?

No, not unless the previous marriage is annuled.

Is Calvin Klein married?

He did have two previous marriages...the last one ended in 2006. So at the moment no he is not

How many children does have Carole King have?

According to the information I read she has four children from two previous marriages.

Can a devorsed baptist marry a catholic in the catholic church?

No, not unless the previous marriage is annulled, no matter where he was married

Can a Catholic divorced man marry a Ukrainian Catholic woman?

Yes, but only if his previous marriage has been annulled.

Can a divorced Lutheran marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church?

No, his previous marriage is considered valid, unless annulled by the church.

Is Gary oldman a gay?

Nope, he's had three previous marriages to women and is currently married to Alexandra Edenborough.

Can a divorced non-catholic man marry a catholic woman if his previous marriage was a civil ceremony performed at home without the declaration of nullity?

if his previous marriage in the home was with a catholic he could be married without annulment since marriage was not valid inthe first place If he was a baptized non catholic in previous marriage and wife was not Catholic, he would need the annulment as the marriage was considered valid. If he was never baptized, and tales classes to become Catholic, he would be able to be married without annulment under the Pauline privilege.

What percentage of Brazils population is Roman Catholic?

Roman Catholic AnswerBrazil, a country that was colonized by the Portuguese, a Catholic country, was 76% Catholic in 1996, this is off nearly ten percent from the previous decade.

Can a divorced man marry a Catholic girl within the roman Catholic church?

Yes, a man can marry a Catholic woman, even if he is not Catholic. The requirements for the marriage to be valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church are... 1.The Spouse that is currently Catholic must remain Catholic. 2.Any offspring that results from the union must be brought up in a Catholic Church. Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1633-36 It is recommended that the Husband consider joining the Catholic Church, but it is by all means, not required. It will, however, lessen the amount of stress and "bring the confusion of Christian disunity into the home." Remember, the Catholic Church does not forbid mixed marriages, but for the marriage to be considered valid, you must follow the guidelines. A special note to you... Your previous marriage must be annulled by the Roman Catholic Church. God be with you! GW

Why does miley have half brothers and sisters?

she has half brothers and sisters because Billy and Tish (Miley's parents) had kids from previous marriages.

Did Derek Walcott have any children?

Derek Walcott was married to a dancer named Norline Metivier and had three children but from previous marriages.

Does Celine Dion's husband Rene have children from another marriage?

He has three children, two sons and a daughter from two previous marriages.

Was Benny Hinn a Catholic?

no benny hinn is not catholic he is born agian chrstian He is a "friend" of the previous Pope and I am sure he has been influenced by Romanism.

Can a divorced Catholic who remarries a non Catholic have their baby baptized in the Church?

Yes. They can not remarry in the church though unless the previous marriage has been annulled.