Did notorius big really set Tupac up?

Its Possible... but then again...isn't anything? In my opinion, Frank had NOTHIN 2 do wit pacs death!!!!! Theres 2 many possibilities 2 condem 1 brother! It was in BIGs best interests 2 keep Pac alive as the East/West beef was probably makin mo money than the actual music was... and still is. Beef and Hip Hop go hand in hand (like Big and Pac)to boost rappers reps (after street cred) to make em seem mo hard, therefore real 2 increase record sales. Its mo like some crazy fan or a crip/blood who became obsessed wit da beef, which resulted in BIGs death as gangs (speaking as a Latino thug myself) are extremely serious about revenge ova anythin else. BIG also dropped some hints in his tracks, but nothing as vivid as hit 'em up!! Or maybe Suge was the instigator as I've heard alot of persuasive arguments ova dat 2. Maybe it was the government, as they dispise inteligent non-white militants tryin 2 educate their people (especially the youth) through music or any other expressive art, given his mother was a former high-ranking black panther herself, and his biological father was a 1 time bodyguard 2 the late great Malcom X, the rebel instict was allready in his blood. His Mother also educated him in great detail over black power and black oppression, whom he deeply admired and respected as a mother and single parent (I can also identify as I was raised by my mother). Actually, I believe dis theory ova any other to be honest, these crackers can be quite scary (no offense)!!

I'VE ALSO HEARD HE'S STILL ALIVE!!! Wish he was so he could slaughter souljah Boy and all these other MC's and bring back some REAL HIP HOP!!!

But if not... I bet Big n Pac r smokin flat blunts up inside Heavens pearly gates laughin at us fools tryin 2 work out who murdered dem, ha ha ha ha!!

One love...PEACE