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Yes they did because they wanted to get away from the king of England and the thirteen colonies and they broke up and changed to 3 different kinds of colonies, New England colonies, The Middle colonies and the Southern colonies.


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The first people to settle the New York City area were the Native American Lenape tribe.

The first person to settle in New York was Giovanni da verrazano.

i dont know but I think it is of population

In 1664, James, the Duke of York, received control of New Netherland. The name of the colony was changed to New York in honor of the Duke.

they had settle into New York.

The British want to settle the colony of New York because the British wanted to take over the colony of New York.

the dutch were the first to settle New York but after they surrendered to the English it was named New York

New york was originally New Amsterdam but i don't know why new Amsterdam (york) was built where it was. i assume it was just the best place to settle because that is where the setters landed their boats.

He discovered the Hudson river! And then people came to settle New York.

they went to work for white people to make money

new yorkthe dutch primarily settled at the new york colony

yes. That is why there are so many dutch last names in New York.

The English settle there.

Because New york had short warm winters and fertile soil

If a person came to settle in New York, New York in 1650, it is most likely that they were of Dutch descent. The early Dutch, who came to the Colonies settled in and around New York.

because they wanted a new place to settle also because new york had more oppitunities

They lived north of New York City.

They settled in which is now today New York.

people failed to settle in Roanoke island, though people did not give up to settle on the "new world" so, people wanted to settle in Virginia.

The Dutch. They were the first Europeans to settle in what is now New York City. They called it New Amsterdam.

The dutch settled in New Amsterdam which is present day New York.

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