Did pink ever have cancer?

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No, she hasn't. Rumors about stars in "serious conditions" you would hear about on Access Hollywood or something. The newspaper magazines like Global or The National Inquire that make up stories, there is a reason their magazines are made of paper and are close to being printed in black and white (ha). She's pregnant, though, with a baby girl. :D
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Will cancer ever be cured?

Answer . Yes cancer will be cured but it may take a century's while to find the right periodic to it.

Are there other cancer survivor symbols besides the pink ribbon?

I've been researching this as well.. so far I have found a symbol for breast cancer that is a "survivor sword"- this is the link.. http://www.cafepress.com/bcsurvivors . I am trying to design a tattoo to commemorate cancer survivors as well as those I love who have passed from the disease-- I wante ( Full Answer )

What does the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness mean?

Pink Ribbon . The pink ribbon is now an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. It is worn to show support for those whose lives have been touched by this disease. The more it is worn, the greater the chances that the public will associate it with breast cancer. This concept works in t ( Full Answer )

When did pink ribbons become associated with breast cancer?

The Origins of the Pink Ribbon The pink ribbon has been an international symbol of breast cancer awareness for many years, making its debut in 1991 when the Komen Foundation handed them out to participants at the New York City Race for breast cancer survivors. A year later Charlotte Hayley, wh ( Full Answer )

Why does the color pink represent breast cancer?

The pink ribbon has been an international symbol of breast cancer awareness for many years, making its debut in 1991 when the Komen Foundation handed them out to participants at the New York City Race for breast cancer survivors. In 1992, the pink ribbon became the official symbol of National Breast ( Full Answer )

Has the Pink Panther ever talked?

Surprisingly, Yes. He said "Gophers?" Thats not all. I heard him say "Why can't man be more like animals". He said it in an Brittish or a French accent. when he said the word can't.

Was the whitehouse ever pink?

The White House was not originally painted white (or even called "The White House"). The British tried to burn it down in the war of 1812 (in 1814) and to cover the burnt charring of the original stone they painted it white. The Aquia Creek sandstone, also known as freestone was gray with shades of ( Full Answer )

Has anyone ever died from vulvar cancer?

cancer is cancer, no matter where it originates. If it's malignant it can metastasize, and if it does that enough a person WILL die given enough time.

Did pink ever curse in a song?

Yes actually she cursses in alot of songs! She says one in about every song. But that's just her style not scared to show her woman power!

What was Pink Floyd's largest ever crowd?

I think it was at the 1990 the wall concert where Roger Waters played with a number of artists. The crowd was about 300,00 people, it was held in an area where the famous Berlin wall once stood. It is one of the biggest concerts of rock history till date.

If a lump hurts and is pink is it cancer?

That is unlikely. Cancer cannot be diagnosed like that and must be seen by a dermitologist. It is more likely to be the start of a minor skin eruption (pimple) or a boil which is a localized infection deep within the skin.

Has pink ever posed naked?

As of August 2014, Pink has posed nude for a magazine cover.However, everything was covered on her body and no female partswere shown.

Has pink playdough ever been invented?

I am not sure. The only pink playdough I've ever seen is when I made it with a piece of red and white playdough. Right now after my research, I would say no.

Has throat cancer ever been an epidemic?

No, it has not. An epidemic is something like the 1918 Spanish Flu that spreads extremely fast and kills an extremely large amount of people. In fact, the Spanish Flu killed so many it was pretty much the reason WW1 ended. While cancer is a horrible disease, it's not contagious nor is it alway ( Full Answer )

Pink lump on dogs front right leg is it cancer?

that isn't necicarially a question for this website. call your vet and talk to them. have them examined. it could be something as simple as a common skin condition. it's possible to be cancer but not something to take into consideration unless they are growing larger like there's a tumor growing.

Did john Wayne ever wear a pink shirt?

I am trying to track down a photo of him (John Wayne) in very brief, tight pink shorts. I saw it years ago. I don't remember the shirt.

How do you get pink gear for Breast Cancer Awareness in Madden 11?

Make sure you're connected to the internet you dont need the gold on xbox or ps3. Let the game play like usaul and if it does the upgrade before the game starts thats good. let it upgrade. on the main screen about 3rd from the bottom should say 'madden moments live' you need to install it on to your ( Full Answer )

Did Leslie Townes hope ever have cancer?

Despite his living to the age of 100, I could find no record of his being diagnosed with any form of cancer. He died of pneumonia.

Are cows ever pink?

It is very uncommon, but some heifers that are supposed to be red can be a lighter red than usual, or "Pink"

Has Pink ever been in a movie?

Yes. The Grammy Award-winning singer (also known as Alecia Beth Moore Hart) has appeared in several movies, including "Rollerball" (2002), "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (2003), "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" (2009) and "Get Him to the Greek" (2010).

Is cancer prevention ever completely possible?

Depends on the type of cancer. Some cancers if detected early can be taken care of. Other cancers can be prevented just by being careful. Like skin cancer for example. If you protect your skin out in the sun, you lessen the chance of skin cancer.

What ever happened to Jon Wearing from the Tidalwaves and Frijid Pink?

After many years of struggling,Jonny Wearing,one of the hardest working,sincere,and down to earth human beings Ive ever known passed away in his home in Harper Woods ,Michigan.Jon was always the one in the band that took care of the details.He made certain the equipment was at its best and that his ( Full Answer )

How many presidents of us ever had cancer?

I can think of three- there may have been more. Throat cancer killed U. S. Grant. Cleveland had successful surgery for a cancer in the roof of his mouth while he was president and Reagan had successful surgery for colon cancer.

When was the first ever cancer case?

In prehistoric times, when there was no written language to make a record. Doctors began diagnosing it in the mid 1800's.

Did Katy Perry ever have cancer?

no one really knows but those that r close to hers i suggest u go to her website and find out then tell is here at ask .com we would be very truly Niven of u

Was Pink Floyd ever on the billboard?

Yes, pink floyd was on the billboard from 1973 to 1988 with the whole album dark side of the moon got them up their, over 50 million copies were sold! So 24% of the united states had that album.

Has pink ever lip sync?

I seriously doubt that she would lip sync. I heard her say on a interview that she would never do it even if she sounded like &$!% I love her attitude and style. Pink is a serious rock star who won't fake it!

Who created the pink ribbon idea for breast cancer?

The pink ribbon idea initially began inside the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which exists to promote awareness of breast cancer. The idea is based on the use of the red ribbon to promote AIDS awareness, and began to be used in 1991.

How can one with breast cancer earn a pink ribbon?

Pink ribbons are not earned but may be obtained for free or for purchase/contribution to cancer charities. The originator of the pink ribbon campaign was the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Where can someone buy pink bags in support for cancer?

The pink bags in support of cancer are available through The American Cancer Society for purchase. These proceeds go to support finding a cure for cancer. Also, many local retailers will hold fund raising events for cancer and may have the pink bags in exchange for a donation.

What is the purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon?

The purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon is to raise awareness about breast cancer. The ribbons are a reminder to everyone to remember that breast cancer effects many people and to encourage people to donate to the cause.

Why is pink the official color of breast cancer?

Pink is considered to be feminine and associated with women with breast cancer. It was originally adopted from the red ribbon for aids awareness, a lighter shade of red.

Will humanity ever cure cancer?

Yes. Very shortly you will be able to cure the cancer, for sure.Technology is has been advancing very fast and you will have thegenetically engineered, individualised medication for every cancerpatient. You can cure all the diseases but one disease. That is an'Old age'. No amount of technology can s ( Full Answer )