Pterosaur (Pterodactyl)

Did pterodactyls live in packs or together?

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they live together in packs

Lions live in packs because they all live together!! Most big cats don't live in packs i think only the lion does!

they did live in the prehistoric times they are dead

Rats actually do live in packs. They think that they can survive better together than by themselves. "Two heads are better than one"

Jurassic to Cretaceous period

they do NOT live in packs

Giraffes do not live in packs, they live in small family groups. Wolves, dogs and insects live in packs.

no cheetahs don't live in packs.

Dingoes live in packs to be stronger.5 Dingoes hunting together is better than 1.

Pterodactyls were not dinosaurs. They were flying reptiles.

Yes,They did live in packs. Good question.

how many eggs do pterodactyls have

No. Pterodactyls lived only in the late Jurassic period while T. rex live at the end of the next period, the cretaceous. However, other pterosaurs, the group of winged reptiles to which pterodactyls belonged did coexist with T. rex.

Mice live alone or in small family groups.

No. Horses live in herds. Packs are for wolves and dogs, not horses.

They tend to live in there sled packs that they pull the sled in

They do not live in packs but do form small family groups.

Pterodactyls enemy was the amazing T-Rex.

A "Terror" of Pterodactyls sounds fitting :)

wolves work together in packs. the alpha is their cheif, the females are the strongest of them, and they are bound by loyalty. the wolf is a very noble creature.

Coyotes do not eat other coyotes. They live in packs, and they have to work together to survive.

They don't form packs as do wolves but they will frequently form loose knit communities with other raccoons, usually related, that occupy their territory. Females and their young live together with other females. Males live apart and there is usually one dominant male.

Snakes generally live alone. Sometimes they will hibernate together. So, in answer to your question the answer is no.

No, they do not, they live in heards.

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