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Did puritans approve of dancing?


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No, they did not.

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No dancing around the maypole or any sort of fun.

Puritans, had their own religon with GOD, and only did what GOD would approve of.

Prohibited dancing, theater-going, drunkenness etc

dancing, reading novels, and theater was not allowed in Salem

Puritans weren't allowed to have any fun. Including singing, dancing, going to the theater, and they wore dark clothing. Their lives were totally devoted to God, and they lived their lives according to the bible.

The Puritans viewed education as a sin, and therefore did not approve of any education past the basic levels of math, and literature. The Puritans did not allow most women to be educated, women like the semi-famos poet Anne Bradstreet are some of the very few examples of educated women. For the most part the Puritans brain washed their children into believing what they wanted them to, and it has effected American culture to this day negatively. The Puritans view of education can clearly be traced to causing the Detroit riots, and also the prejudice to Asians, and people of hispanic heritage.

The fundamental rules of the Puritans were obedience to God and to the community religious leaders. The rules included regulations against lust, greed, laziness, tempting Satan (through drinking, dancing, merry-making), and laws enforcing a strict Sabbath.

The theater grew out of the tradition of enacting religious dramas. By the time of the Puritans, it was heavily secular, most of the material had nothing to do with religion. Theaters were seen in the same light as public houses, worldly music and dancing. They were magnets for vice, drunkenness, gambling, and prostitution. And they were fun. All this made them distractions from the pursuit of a higher, moral society pursued by the Puritans

The puritans were called puritans because of the root word "pure". They wanted to "purify" the church of England.

Many colonists were not allowed to dance, because it was seen as wanton or prurient and was therefore against their religion. One such group was the Puritans.

No. It was the Parliamentarians who were Puritans.

They banned drunkenness, make-up, theatre going, going to church on Christmas day, Christmas dinner, dancing, singing, parties, music and other such things

Puritans came from England.

did the puritans Answer this question…

Before Plymouth was founded in 1620. Rhode Island is much later. They were the last to approve the constitution in 1790.

The puritans were interested in religious freedom.

The Puritans were Calvinist Protestants.

The Puritans were persecuted for religious reasons.

Most Puritans were farmers.

The puritans were just here.

1. What did the Puritans believe in? 1. What did the Puritans believe in?

A synonym for "to approve" is "to accept"

Approve in Tagalog is Aprobahan

The Puritans Sought Religious Freedom.

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