Did rapper eazy e have an open casket funeral?


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no he did not


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He was cremated before the funeral so there wasn't actually him in there.

No. Luther Vandross did not have an open casket funeral.

This is a funeral where the casket is open for viewing of the deceased by the mourners. It is a common type of funeral, but some families prefer that the casket be closed instead.

Was Rosa Parks Casket Open At The Funeral

More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral was created in 1987.

The decision to open or close a casket for a jw funeral is left up to the family and/or funeral director recommendations based on condition of decease. Many religions prohibit an open casket in the temple/religious structure.

No, her family decided they wanted a closed casket.

Yes, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes had an open casket.

yes: it was open from the waist up.

It is unclear if there are actual pictures of the Notorious BIG in an open casket. His funeral was held in a private ceremony, but it was an open casket ceremony. It is possible that pictures were taken.

The casket was open in funeral home for private family viewing. In a traditional church funeral the casket is not usually open for the service. Also The funeral was televised and the family wanted privacy. As a result they did not want the casket open for the world to see Their beloved family member on view for all the world to see. So much for that thanks to the Enquirer. Poor Poor Taste in my opinion.

No, it was a closed casket. Before the funeral, the coffin was under heavy guard at the funeral home, to prevent unauthorized photographs. And during the ceremony, the casket remained closed. But despite the efforts of her family to have privacy, tabloid photos surfaced, claiming to show her in an open coffin at the funeral parlor; but there is no way to verify if these photos were really her or if they were photo-shopped.

No, because there is no evidence she had an open casket funeral. Because she was killed in a plane crash, her body may have suffered severe burns or disfiguration.

Soldier who has been determined to be viewed in an open casket by the funeral director

No, at the request of the family his casket was not opened, the family was the only one whom saw his body after them embalming except the obvious funeral director.

No, the casket was closed during the funeral. There have been tabloid photos that claim to show her in the coffin, but there is no way to verify if those are actually her.

It has not been reported whether or not singer Lisa Lopes had an open casket at her funeral. It has been reported that many famous people attended to say their final goodbyes to the TLC group member.

It depends which William you are talking about, whether he went to the funeral, and whether it was an open casket affair.

no his casket was closed

Her family did not want an open casket, and it was their decision. There are many reasons why the families of celebrities decide not to have an open casket: the person was injured before they died, the person would be mobbed by fans, the person's religion doesn't permit an open casket. In this case, there is currently no evidence that Whitney Houston had an injury, so more likely, her family wanted the funeral (which was held at the church she attended as a child, where she first started singing in the choir) to be a spiritual event, rather than focusing on how she looked or what she was wearing.

No, the casket was closed during the entire service and when it was carried out to the hearse, on the way to the cemetery. And before the funeral, the casket was under heavy guard at the funeral home, undoubtedly to prevent photographers from getting unauthorized pictures. That said, there are now tabloid photos which claim to show her in the coffin at the funeral parlor, but there is no way to verify whether these photos really show Whitney Houston, or whether they were photo-shopped.

With respect to your question concerning the issue of an open casket funeral (or lack thereof)for President Kennedy: In his excellent book, "The Death of a President" (one of the few books concerning President Kennedy written with the full cooperation of the Kennedy family), author William Manchester clarifies the issue of the open casket/closed casket issue and the decisions behind it: According to the book, neither Mrs. Kennedy nor Robert Kennedy were enthusiastic about an open casket funeral, but were cognizant of the fact that state funeral protocol often favored an open casket viewing so they went ahead and viewed the body in The White House to decide the issue once and for all. When the coffin was opened, they saw that the President's remains were certainly presentable for public viewing (his injuries in Dallas had not marred or disfigured his face in any way) but, as is often the case with remains prepared for open casket viewing, extensive cosmetics were used on the Presidents' face by the funeral directors which resulted in a made-up, somewhat artificial, unnatural appearance. It was decided by Mrs. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy after viewing the body that this heavy use of make-up was uncharacteristic of President Kennedy and that they would prefer that the public remember him in as he was in life, so they decreed that the coffin would remained closed during the funeral (a decision that many grieving families make and certainly not without precedent as far as a President is concerned; indeed, President Franklin Roosevelt also had a closed casket state funeral).

Redd Foxx open casket photos

she had an open casket that way people could see what the two men that murdered till saw what they did to him.

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