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Slaves possibly worked for blacksmiths in the southern US. There were blacksmiths all over the world who did not use slave labour.

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What type of work did slaves have to dowill?

Slaves did all different kinds of work. Some were household servants such as butlers and cooks. Some were skilled tradespeople such as woodcarvers and blacksmiths, but most were unskilled field hands.

Do blacksmiths pull out teeth?

No... blacksmiths work with metal....

What job did the slaves in the middle colonies have?

work as skilled laborers, such as blacksmiths and carpenters others work as farmers, on-board ships, and in the ever growing shipbuilding industry

What different types of jobs did slaves in the middle colonies have?

Slaves worked as Skilled laborers, blacksmiths, and carpenters.

Is it true that some slaves were expert carpenters blacksmiths or tailors?

Yes...some slaves were expert carpenters , blacksmiths , or tailors. They learned their trades after years of service under expert white craftsmen. Slaves could be either of the 3. They were also lots of other things

What were some of the jobs that slaves had to do?

Slaves were essentially employees of an estate or owner. While most slaves were obtained as manpower for agriculture work, slaves also served as blacksmiths, cooks, foreman, orderlies, drivers & coachmen, and mostly every other job available to non-slaves. Since most slaves did not know how to read English, they were very fortunate to work in these jobs, as opportunities outside of their servitude were very limited.

Who worked the buildings of the pyramids?

Scribes, masons, quarrymen, carpenters, blacksmiths, soldiers and thousands of slaves

What Blacksmiths do for fun?

Pick Cotton And Just work

What is the place called where Blacksmiths work?

The word Forge rings a bell but i think people just call it the blacksmiths <><><> The Smithy

What was the role of slaves in the Middle Colonies?

The role slaves played in the middle colonies is that Slaves worked in cities as skilled laborers such as blacksmiths and carpenters. Other slaves worked on farms, on board ships and growing ships building industries.

Where did blacksmiths first work?

Blacksmiths originated in the middle east about 3000 years B.C. They first welded dishware and other such items.

Do kings get material to build a castle from a blacksmith?

Yes- Kings back then did get most of their materials from either blacksmiths, miners, or slaves.

What were some jobs during the 1300s?

In the 1300s there were many jobs. Most people were farmers while others were blacksmiths and slaves.

What different types of jobs did slaves in the middle colonies hold?

they worked in cities as skilled laborers as blacksmiths and Carpenter's slaves worked on farms, onboard ships, and in the growing shipbuilding industry.

Where did most slaves work?

There were types of slaves and this told what job they did. There were house slaves that worked in the plantation house and there were slaves that worked with the crops. Some slave women were nannies to the plantation children and others were cooks as well as did cleaning and laundry. Many of the male slaves worked as blacksmiths, repaired items, and planted/sowed/reaped crops, took care of the animals. ________________________________________________________________________ In the thirteen colonies, the slaves worked in the south like Florida in cotton fields and plantations. Their "masters" did not like to work so they told these slaves to do all the work for them. Soon, most of the slaves became free when they went to Canada with the help of Sir Guy Carleton. They had to hide to avoid being caught on the frontier between Canada and USA.

Why Indians did not work out slaves?

why Indians did not work out as slaves in the Americas

What different kinds of jobs did slaves in the middle colonies hold?

they worked in cities as skilled laborers , such as blacksmiths and carpenters . other slaves worked on farms , onboard ships , and in the growing shipbuilding industry

How were African slaves forced to work in the US?

The answer is simple - Slaves are slaves - that means that they act as slaves - work and do everything that wants their master

Where do blacksmiths work?

At a Smith, Forge, or anywhere they have access to a furnace, and anvil and a hammer.

What did blacksmiths eat?

blacksmiths ate meat.]

Did girl slaves work in houses?

Girl slaves can work in whatever place the owner wants her to work so yes girl slaves did work in houses but not all of them!

What jobs were available to settlers in Texas?

Tailors,saloon people, (lol idk what they r called exactly ) Blacksmiths, slaves, mostly farmers.

What did Hephaestus do as a living?

Hephaestus enjoys his work with metal and fire in the forge. He is the god of blacksmiths.

Which times did slaves start work?

What time the slaves start working? The slaves is start work ing at 5:00am

What are facts about blacksmiths?

Blacksmiths make hot fore.

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