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I think she thought she did... but she never did... Brambleclaw was the right tom for her

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Q: Did squirrelflight ever love ashfur or was she pretending?
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Did Ashfur love Squirrelflight?


Is Squirrelflight love Ashfur?

No it is Brambleclaw

Does Ashfur love Squirrelflight?

Ashfur used to love Squirrelflight, but when she chose Brambleclaw over him, he stopped loving her and instead began seeking revenge.

Does Leafpool love Ashfur?

No, Ashfur has only loved Squirrelflight and Leafpool has only loved Crowfeather. Yes hes right ashfur only loved squirrelflight

Who does Ashfur love?

SquirrelflightNo one. After Squirrelflight decided Brambleclaw was better (considering Squirrelflight was angry in Twilight when Ashfur tried to protect her from badgers) Ashfur hated Squirrelflight. But Brambleclaw broke up with her in Sunrise.

Did Leafpool love Ashfur?

No, Ashfur just loved Squirrelflight. Thats silly of course not!

Why didn't Squirrelflight love Brambleclaw instead of Ashfur?

Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over Ashfur, because of the way he acted when she was looking for Leafpool.

Who likes Ashfur?

Squirrelflight does not LOVE Ashfur - she likes him as a clan mate, But she has always loved Brambleclaw.

Did ashfur love hollyleaf?

No, he loved Squirrelflight, but was denied because she chose Brambleclaw over Ashfur.

Did Ashfur love someone else when Squirrelflight picked Brambleclaw?


Does Squirrelflight love Ashfur?

In a way, yes. When she has a fight with Brambleclaw in which she stays mad at him and Brambleclaw is overcome with unhappiness, Squirrelflight turns to Ashfur and loves him. But when she makes up with Brambleclaw and loves him again. Ashfur is furious and heartbroken.

Did ashfur fall in love again after squirrelflight?

no. He always loved squirrelflight so when she dumped him he tried to kill the cats close to her

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