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12 Ga Magnums were never made with a gold trigger in Belgium (with one exception in the 1980's on a special order) The Gold trigger was reserved for the light 12, Sweet 16's, the light 20 and the Mag 20. When Browning came out with the Magnum 12 model in 1958, it was essentialy the same gun as the Standard weight 12 ga, but fitted to shoot 3" shells vs 2 3/4. Up until 1967, only the lightweight guns had a gold trigger to signify the "light gun" version. Lighter guns were more desireable, and the gold trigger was special. Browning also introduced the Light 20 ga gun in 1958. Thus another light gun had the gold trigger. Magnum 12's would not. Also, the Mag 12's were advertised as the pinnacle of Waterfowl guns. What every shooter wanted in the duck blind. The gold trigger wouldn't have gone over very good. In 1967 When the Mag 20 was added to the line, Browning broke the pattern and put a gold trigger on this model as well.

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Q: Did the 1966 Browning A-5 12 gauge magnum ever come with a gold trigger and what does the gold trigger represent?
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