Chevy Caprice Classic
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Did the 92 Chevy caprice cop car use hubcaps or center caps?

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SOme 92 Caprice cars came with wheel covers other had aluminum rims.

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Where can I find affordable wheel center caps online?

You can find affordable wheel center caps on

What are Chevy center caps used for?

Chevy center caps are basically hub caps. They go in the center of the wheel, giving the wheels a nicer look. The caps usually contain the Chevy symbol and/or name. The caps also protect the centers from dust and debris.

How do you remove hubcaps off Buick regal?

Try using the lug wrench. If its an older model with the wire-wheel caps, you'll need an adapter tool to unscrew the caps from the center after you've removed the center cap.

How do you remove stock hubcaps from 1980 Monte Carlo?

If they are regular hubcaps, carefully pry them off with a screwdriver or other similar tool. If they are wire wheel caps, you will need the special tool to unscrew them from the center hub.

Is there an affordable shop in Philadelphia that sells center caps and wheel covers?

Dallas Auto Wheel Covers & Hubcaps is an excellent shop located in the area

How do you remove hubcaps for 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlas Sierra?

Try using the lug wrench. If the car has wire wheel caps, you will need an adapter tool to pry off the center caps and unscrew the cap from the wheel

Where can you find the police center caps for a Chevy Impala?

Pueblo craigslist/autoparts.

How do you remove hubcaps on 1987 Buick Electra?

Use the lug wrench. If the car has wire wheel caps, you may have to use the adapter tool to remove the center cap and unscrew the cap from the hub.

Is there a order in which you tighten crank caps on 350 chevy?

start from the center and work your way to the ends. torque the caps in 3 stages such as: 30, 50, 70.

Where can I find cheap wheel center caps?

Cheap center caps can be found at .

Where can you find custom center caps for wheels?

Try if you want custom center caps. Otherwise you can find OEM center caps on ebay for a good price.

Is there a reference book for collecting automobile hubcaps?

Search this site, they have books and video's: [Link moved] However, "Threaded Hubcaps" by Dennis Kuhn Snr of Buckley, MI may assist in identifying threaded or screw on hubcaps. Some assistance also from which was established to help collectors of mainly pre-1930 caps

What are wheel center caps made of?

Wheel center caps are generally made of aluminum or chrome plastic.

How to remove hubcaps on 2010 hhr?

Well there are different types of hubcaps for the hhr. Some of them you just pry off but then there also are some hubcaps which have black caps that go over the lugnuts and to take those off all you have to do is take a 19mm socket and lightly twist them off just be careful because they are fragile but after you have them all loose the hubcap will pull off

What companies make custom Cadillac hub caps?

The following companies make Cadillac Hubcaps: Hubcaps, JC Whitney, Andy Auto Sport, Hubcap Zone, Cadillac Europe, Part Train, Ultimate Auto Part Store, All Cads.

What is the best distributor of wheel center caps?

The bst distributor of wheel center caps is

What websites sell center caps with free shipping?

You're in luck, there are a few. The first is, whose specialty is chrome center caps. Next, there's and

What are some online outlets that sell custom wheel center caps?

You can visit for custom whell center caps.

How do you remove a hubcap?

You shouldn't have to remove any screws..It should just pop off. You may have to use a slot screwdriver to pry it loose. Some hubcaps have caps on the lug nuts that you have to unscrew. Then you can just pry it off with something. :) Most New Cars don't have hubcaps, they really are just rims meant to look like hubcaps, in this case, there is no hubcap. Oftentimes, on trucks, vans and occasionaly cars, there are centercaps, which are similar to hubcaps, only usually, the center cap is not on a hubcap, but on a rim. These usually come off by just putting a screwdriver under it and popping it loose, however, some vehicals (Oftentimes trucks) have lugnuts holding the centercap in place, in this case, use a lugnut wrench. It depends, Some hub caps you can take a large flathead screwdriver place between hub cap and rim and it will easily come off, others like he said above, have plastic caps that need to be taken off, then there are hub caps (example Buick) that have a center cap that comes off with a theft resistant screw. there is a special tool for these and if you bought the car off someone check the trunk where the spare is to see if it is there. on these types of hubcaps, three of the lug nuts hold on a metal piece that the theft resistant screw goes into. Remember to put it back on or your hub cap will fall right off. Keep the shoes on your car happy :) There are many cars now that have the hubcaps held on by the lug-nuts as well. all of the above are also correct. It all comes down to a matter of which design you are dealing with.

What are wheel center caps?

Wheel center caps are a car part. They hold the decorative hubcap of the wheel to the tire by locking in the middle of the wheel.

Are wheel center caps easy to replace?

Wheel center caps can be replaced in about 20 minutes. While most people take wheel center caps into car repair shops, with the proper tools and minor know-how of bearing, they can be replaced at home.

Where can you find cheap Cadillac center caps?

One can find and purchase cheap Cadillac Center Caps from various websites like Amazon or eBay. Both websites offer a great amount of products, including a cheap Cadillac Center Caps.

What is the Difference between a 4 bolt and 2bolt Chevy 350?

On a 4 bolt block, the three center main caps are held on by 4 bolts instead of 2.

Where can I get replacement center caps?

Generally you will be able to find replacement center caps at the dealership. You can also pick them up at performance shops like

Do you know where I can get center caps?

You can find a very wide range of center caps at They have many makes and models for any kind of hub cap you need center caps for. You can visit their store at 5905 Gateway Blvd. Edmonton Alberta. Or phone them toll free.