History of the Middle East

Did the Arabs spread Islam?

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Yes. The Arabs spread Islam from the 7th century to the present day.

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They believed Islam to be moral and desirable.

Islam was adopted mainly by Arabs. Arabs conquered lands and formed empires, in which they also spread Islam by doing so.

To be entirely fair, it was Türkic Tribes of Central Asia who spread Islam to China, but the reason that Arabs spread Islam to Spain, Sicily, and India was that they genuinely believed it to be the correct religion.

The Arabs spread Islam by conquering the people around them. Then they put high taxes on non-muslims. They beheaded a number of people worshipping idols. So, they used a mixture of techniques.

The Muslim Arabs conquered and occupied cities of North Africa. They conquer the Berbers, and Islam eventually replaced Christianity. Muslim traders finally spread Islam to Western Africa

The Islamic Conquests spread Islam throughout all of the Middle East,North Africa,and Spain.

The Arabic language and Islam (A religion) are committed to each other as the holly book of Islam (Quran) is written in Arabic. So when Islam spread the Arabic language spread and Muslims and Arabs are know for being good hostess that's why Islam spread so did the Arabic language.

How did the Arabs benefit from the expansion of Islam?

The Arabs and Muslim have contributed immensely to the spread of Islam by spreading it to other continents such as Africa. A Muslim is a practitioner of Islam, so if Muslims did not exist, Islam would no longer be practiced (just like the Ancient Greek Religion with Zeus is no longer practiced). The Arabs were the first Muslims and were responsible for spreading Islam throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

The invasion of Arabs from the middle east and that little talked of slave trade carried on by the Arabs long after the Atlantic trade stopped.

AnswerThey are not the same.Islam followers are called Muslims. Islam is a religion and faith.Arabs are belonging to a race or nationality.Not all Muslims are Arabs (

Muslim Arabs from Egypt spread into North Sudan and brought their Islamic faith.

Kurds- Islam and Christianity Arabs- Islam and Christianity Persians-Islam

With the help of the caliphers who were after him and even the help of the arabs who used to trade from one place to another

Arabs colonised the Swahili belt and then moved towards the East until they reached Phillipines.

Arabs brought Islam to Africa.

how did islam spread in africa

Islam is a very fast growing religion and the 2nd largest. It had spread 1400 years ago from the small town of Medina. Through many phases Islam spread into western countries. Arabs and other Muslims built libraries and mosques worldwide. Islam has contributed to science. Very soon it will beat Christianity.

There is only one kind of Islam religion and it did start in Saudi Arabia and Arabs were the first Muslims

Islam religion is one of the influences of Arabs in the Philippines.

Yes, Arabs were polyethnic at that time.

Arabs converted to Islam before Persians did. By 633 CE, almost all Arabian Arabs were Muslims, but almost all Persians were Zoroastrians.

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