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Did the Buddha teach with parables?

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October 20, 2011 4:09PM

The Buddha did teach with parables, mostly using metaphors of

things the people of his time dealt with everyday, and quite often

with whatever was most prominent in his world -- for example there

is the Path, and the groundless ground, and lots of discussion of


Most of the fantastic tales like the Jatakas and stories about

the Buddha walking on water (or teleporting across it) were added

to the suttas later. And because the Buddha's tales pre-date

Christianity by at least a couple of centuries, some scholars say

that many of the tales about Jesus in the Bible were inspired by

Buddhist stories.

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Yes Buddha taught with stories or parables as did many religions.

This was used as an aid to memory to help students remember.

Plus so many other ways as well. Studying nature give Buddist"s

insight as well. Here is an example of a Buddist parable. (Or

commentary) ...... Whatever happens in your life, JOYFULL or

PAINFUL, do not be swept away by reactivity. Be patient with

yourself and don"t lose youe sense of perspective. Whichever of the

two occurs , be patient.

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yea that's true ,Buddha taught his students and followers in easily

understanding and get to know the exact points.you can see that way

is more successful and most of lecturers and teachers use that


Buddha is different from other religious leaders such as Jesus

cause he got ability to see early lifes of his soul by that way he

can easily tell stories which are commonly known as "Early Lifes'

Stories",and Buddha is NOT a person but a state that anyone can

reach so I guess you probably said about Gautama Buddha.

cause only one person can reach the Buddha state at one specific

period mostly that person is known as Buddha.

You can not be a Jesus,but you can be a Buddha if you work hard

that's the democracy of Buddhism.the next Buddha who is known as

Maitri will born in 30,000AD according to Legend and many Buddhist


History became legend, legend became


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