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AnswerYoung boys were castrated without a doubt, but it was done clandestinely, without Church approbation. The Catholic Church has always believed and taught that castration and all other methods of mutilating the human person are gravely sinful. Thus, private individuals wrongfully perpetrated the sin of castration on boys, who later performed as singers in the Church. These singers were known as castrati, and were renowned for their voices, which had the beauty and clarity of that of a woman (as the boy would never experience puberty), but the lung power of a man (which was widely sought after in a time before microphones).


The most famous "castrato" singer is Carlo Maria Broschi, known by his stage name Farinelli, who reigned high as a "sopranista"in the 18th century and the last one to sing in the Vatican and the only one whose voice was ever recorded, i.e. in 1914, is Alessandro Moreschi.

N.B. There are two different answers here. The first one which seems complete and a second one, mine, which is incomplete.


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Power and Wealth, The Catholic Church had a strangle hold over the lives of the people in Christendom and they were not particularly interested in sharing the wealth and power with any one. Just to give you an idea what sort of people we are dealing with, the Catholic Church used to castrate young boys with good voices just so that their voice wouldn't change to make their choirs sound good. Power and Wealth, However religion is an equal opportunity industry and the Protestants had different Good reasons for torture and abuse.

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