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As this concert was made into an album, and televised live via Satellite this is entiroly probable. The Guiness Book of World records confirms your belief of this (King) concertas hyaving the largest video audience of any purposeful music concert- e3xcluding such thingds as stadium sing-alongs . I believe this record still stands giving thge perennial wave of Presley mania. __________________________________ The simple answer to your question is yes, this concert is the most viewed spectacle in Earth's history. See also the question 'most watched television event ever'. As the Earth's population continually grows at an exponential and somewhat surprising rate to most peoples realisation, all figures are relative to one another. In directly comparable percentage terms: The most viewed single event in television viewing history is the broadcast: Elvis Presley: ALOHA FROM Hawaii 1973. This was simultaneously viewed/tuned by 1.67billion individual T.V. sets. In this year 1973, the Earth's total population was 3.93billion compared with April 2009's 6.77billion. The total number of television sets worldwide was estimated then at 3.2billion. Therefore 52.2% of all television sets worldwide were tuned to this one event. It is worth noting that these figures represent the broadcast event at simultaneous transmission, many countries and provinces only picked up the broadcast several days later, most reliable figures available estimate this to be a further 793million sets, therefore totalling 2.46billion or 77% of all televisions on Earth. Assuming half of the T.V. sets had more than one (taken as 2, this measurement method is an industry standard) people viewing them, allowing thus for family viewing, then best estimates put this at a global viewing (at broadcast) figure of 2.51billion people or 64% of the Earth's population viewing the same event at the same moment in time. This record has stood over 35 years and is likely to stand until a suitably epic event occurs.

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Q: Did the Elvis Aloha from Hawaii concert attract the largest viewship ever?
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