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Did the English take over new netherland in 1664?

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Yes they did, And they named it New York

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easy the king or govern did not put up a fight and gave up

The british took over New Netherland by telling them to work for them or go away

The Dutch colonists refused to fight because they hated Peter Stuyvesant so much they thought that they would be better of if the English ruled them

The Wehrmacht defeated the Netherlands in a four day battle in 1940.

In 1664 The British ousted the Dutch from Manhattan and renamed the city New York City.

It was a port city. There was a rush to gain colonies and it was just south of British claims in New England.

That would have been New Amsterdam. Established by the Dutch on what is now Manhatten. The English renamed it New York.

he did not want the english rule over scotland

Holland (The Netherlands). The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle New York City, in about 1624. When the English took control in 1664, they renamed it New York.

It was easy for England to take over New Amsterdam because the settlers of New Amsterdam were so mad at Stuyvesant, the governor of New Netherland, that they refused to fight.

The English word retrospective means to take a look at a specific event or events. Derived from the Latin retrospectare, meaning look back, the earliest use of the word is 1664.

The English showed up with a small fleet and demanded the city surrender. Since the colony had very little military resources, it did surrender. Thus New Netherland became New York, named after the Duke of York, who was the King's brother (and he eventually became king himself, as James II). A few years later, when the English and Dutch were at war again, the Dutch were able to occupy New York for a while- but the Dutch eventually lost the war and were forced to give it back to England. It then remained an English colony until the American Revolution.

New York has/had a natural harbor that can be used in shipping. When the primary transportation for supplies, men, and goods is by ship a natural harbor is very valuable to have for a colony/area. The Hudson River can also be used from New York as a "highway" inland.

The Powhatans were nervous because they thought the English might kill them and/or take over there land and take EVERYTHING.

The English wanted 2 take over the Dutch because they were in the middle of all their colonies.

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It started because the English wanted to take over Ireland so they 'planted' the English there and carried on the english methods.

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The New Netherland colony was started to take advantage of the North American fur trade. In addition to the fur trade, they later introduced some tobacco and utilized business via the rich ports that made New Netherland colony a prime location for trade.

it's not cause china will take over the world

Indians until the English settlers came in to take over and put the tribes on reservations.

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