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Yes, but they fought as infantry. After Crete, Hitler forbade any massed jumps by airborne troops.

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What years did German soldiers fight at the Eastern front?


Why did they fight on the western front?

because when russia signed a treaty with Germany it closed the eastern front making German soldiers go to the western front

Did any Bulgarian army divisions fight with German troops on the eastern front in WWII?

only volunteers

Who did Germany fight on the Eastern Front?

Russians .

People helping the german's on the eastern front?

The Soviet Union helped the German Army on the Eastern Front. The Eastern Front was the Central and Northern part of Europe.

What was he eastern front in WW1?

The Eastern Front was the front where Russia fought Germany and Austria-Hungary, beginning at the Russo-German border.

Where is the eastern front located?

For WWI it depends on your frame of reference such as... If you are English or French, eastern front was in France against the Germans If you are German, eastern front was in Russia against Russia.

Which country became the eastern front of world war 2?

THe Eastern Front was the German border with what was then the Soviet Union. Phil

Battlefield along german and russian border?

Eastern Front

What was the style of fighting on the eastern front during World War 1 as oposed to the western front?

The Eastern Front had trenches like the Western Front, but it was so large that the fighting was more mobilised, especially in Ukraine. German Uhlans and Ukranian/Russian cavalry were able to move around and fight each other.

What were the German losses on the Eastern Front?

At least 3.3 million men dead out of a total of 5.5 million - in other words, at least 60% of German military deaths were on the Eastern Front.

What did German soldiers know about the Holocaust?

Most German soldiers on the Eastern Front had a good idea of what was going on.

Where did Germany fight in ww1?

some advisors were send to the Turkish front, they were fighting on the balkan front, the Russian front the western front the front of the German African colonies the front of the German pacific colonies

Did the Soviet Union fight most before D-day?

The Soviet Union was fighting the Eastern Front on D-Day. Many German troops were occupied in this area.

What country did France fight in world war 1?

Germany on the western front and turkey on the eastern front

What front did the Russians fight on?

The fought on the Eastern front of WW2. The farthest East they fought was the city of Stalingrad, (now called Volgograd.) on the Volga River, and by the end of the war, the Eastern front was nothing more than the Eastern side of Berlin.

What was Germany going to do with all the soldiers from the Eastern Front now that they no longer had to fight the Russians?

Enlist them to fight on the side of Germany?

How many German soldiers returned from the eastern front in World War 2?


What war front did Hitler and the Nazis fight on?

Hitler did not fight on any front in WWII, but Nazis fought on the Eastern front,(Russia) and western front. In WW I Hitler fought on the western front, but as I remember it he was not a combat vet, he ran messages.

What was the name of the fight for the soviet union during world war 2?

"The Eastern Front"

Did the Soviets fight in the battle of the Bulge?

No , the Russian's primary theater of the war was on the Eastern Front .

What was it like to fight on the eastern battle front in World War I?

Read "Silence on the Western Front" While it is a boo about the western front, it is very similar to the eastern, and the best book out there about war during World War 1.

How aware were the German soldiers of what happened to the Jews in World War 2?

Most German soldiers on the Eastern Front knew, at least in outline.

How did Stalingrad impact World War 2?

The defeat of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad was a turning point on the Eastern Front ; the Germans never regained the initiative and the Russians had shown to the world that they could fight and win battles .

How were battles on the eastern front different from battles on the western front?

Presuming this to be a WWII ETO question. A German soldier could surrender on the western front. He might perish if he tried that on the eastern front. The western front was fought by basically the same breed of men; the eastern front was a war between the Occidental/Westerner (Germans) and the Oriental/Easterner (Russians)...There was NO MERCY between those two!