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No. But they did get backup when they were losing from the French milatary.

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Their was 4.5 Million Italian Soldiers who served Italy during world war 2

Mussolini serves entered the army and served in the Italian army after world war one as the 10th Bersaglieri rifle regiment stationed at Verona. He is a well known character throughout history.

He was a sniper in the Italian army.

Yes the draft was active in World War 1

The German army , just they was in war with all the world , the worst is the Italian army , they was beated even by the french, shame on them for all eternity.

Italy is proud that its army did not participate in the Holocaust.

The US raised an army during World War 1 by installing the draft. The US also opened recruiting offices in major cities.

Im not sure but they can't draft people unless it is a serious problem

That the United States could raise and train an army quickly That the standing army was not large enough to fight a world war

The military history of Greece during World War II began on 28 October 1940, when the Italian Army invaded from Albania, beginning the Greco-Italian War. The Greek Army was able to halt the invasion temporarily and was able to push the Italians back into Albania.

Italian mobsters helped gain information on German forces and organized unloaded at Italian ports............

Conscription was used by the United States army in World War one to raise the needed fighters. The difference in this draft as that it was universal to all eligible male not matter their race.

The U.S. entered World War 2 with a very small standing army. It would have been impossible to raise the necessary forces with only volunteers. The draft was necessary to raise the manpower needed to defeat the axis powers.

The Selective Service Act of 1917, was passed to create the army the United States needed to participate in World War I. There was no 'buy out plan' for this draft, making it unlike the Civil War Draft which had allow men to pay another man to serve in their stead.

No nation could have raised an army of the size needed to take on the challenges of WWII without a draft.

The US moblized to fight in World War II by creating a draft. The Selective Service System expanded the draft and eventually provided another 10 million soldiers. Also the US created a Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, which opened up the chance to women to join the army. Tory

That the standing army was not large enough to fight a world war. That America had vast manpower resources. That the United States could raise and train an army quickly.

In World War 2 men came home one of three ways. Wounded, dead or when the war was over. After Pearl Harbor the draft was mute because men signed up by the droves. It is in Viet Nam that the draft became the means to man the army.

During the Vietnam war , the U.S.a used the draft system, that is you could be drafted into the army, navy or air force.

World war 1 and world war 2.

On April 26th 1915, Italia came into the war on the side of the Triple Entente - Britain, France and Russia