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Did the Jews wage a war on Germany before World War 2?

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July 15, 2015 6:25PM

No, there was no Jewish "war" against Germany. One only hears

about this "war" in Nazi propaganda.

The notion that "the Jews" [collectively or worldwide] 'waged

[or declared] war on Germany' is utterly preposterous. "The Jews"

had no soldiers. "The Jews" didn't have even one tank, one military

airplane or even a machine-gun. At no time did the German military

threatened by "the Jews".

The Jews were not in any position to wage war on any country.

They weren't the kind of cohesive 'bloc' that the question

suggests. Many Jews were conservative, many were liberal, some were

socialists, some communists; some were Zionists, and some

anti-Zionists; and many took little interest in politics. Viewed

collectively, they were weak and divided, even if their influence

in some areas of life in some countries was greater than one might

have expected of a small minority. It was their weakness that made

them an easy target for demonization, for conspiracy theories and

for persecution. The Holocaust vividly demonstrates just how

powerless the Jews were.

As for the German Jews, they were almost all passionately

devoted to Germany - a most tragic love affair!

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"Did_Jews_Declare_War_On_Germany?">Did Jews Declare War On


The communist movement in both Europe and the Soviet Union was

often dominated by Jews or had Jewish leaders. As Europe became

split between the extremists camps of communists and fascists, the

Russian Revolution and the resulting civil war, as well as attempts

by Jewish communists to seize power in Germany (Rosa Luxembourg)

and Hungary (Bela Kun), all contributed to the notion of Jews and

Communists being enemies of the people. It was this that provided

the basis on which Hitler and the Nazis could launch their

murderous schemes. It also explains why the war on the Eastern

front was one of annihilation - a war to death between extremists

of the right and the left.

There is also an economic dimension to this confrontation. The

following headlines appeared in London's Daily Express in March


"Judea Declares War on Germany!" - Daily Express, March 24,


"Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite!

Boycott of German Goods! Mass Demonstrations!" - These were all

headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933.

This worldwide economic boycott of Germany by Jews was called

when Hitler assumed power in Germany. The Nazis of course duly

passed the detestable Nuremburg laws, which effectively excluded

Jews from public life. It must be noted however that Nazi racist

ideology was well entrenched long before the calls for a Jewish

economic boycott.

I have also provided a link showing a reproduction of the

English newspaper the Daily Express - just in case you doubt the

authenticity of the declaration of economic war on Germany. The

link is taken from wikipedia.

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The question asked 'Did the Jews wage a war against Germany', NOT

'How did Nazis create the impression that the Jews waged a war

against Germany.' In Germany itself the identification of Jews with

Bolshevism was strongest in Bavaria, and weak in North Germany, the

Rhineland and Berlin. It was above all in the lands along the

Danube that Jew-baiting flourished.

A view that depends so heavily on headlines from one issue of

one newspaper, without even paying attention to the article that

followed it, is as weak as weak can be: it is just pathetic.

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The question is about Jews declaring war on again the

answer...on point, all-inclusive, not a matter of opinion, is NO.

The newspaper did indeed have those astonishing sensational

headlines on its front page, and the whole thing is acknowledged as

a massive and infamous blunder in the history of that newspaper.

The actual article under the headlines is about a threatened

economic boycott by some Jews - in particular a few British Jewish

businessmen. Their attempt to get the main Jewish organization in

Britain to give official backing to the call for a boycott


The "Daily Express" was the ONLY mass circulation newspaper that

reported this call for a boycott as a declaration of war on

Germany. That sounds like a mighty bizarre war - only reported in

one major newspaper in the whole wide world. If it weren't for the

fact that this disaster of an issue of the "Daily Express" has been

shamelessly misused by Jew-baiters (aka as 'historical

revisionists') one could just hoot with laughter.

The notion that Jews are Communists, and that Communists are

Jews was a favourite theme of Nazi propaganda. This needs to be

borne in mind.

A headline taken from any newspaper, (especially one of little

stature), without reading the article, a headline to sell

newspapers, says nothing of any significance. In fact that the only

citations provided are like that, and from others repeating the

same contentions (sometimes as a question), doesn't work. 100 years

from now, someone may well find this question in their search, and

as it is a topic in this Wiki ...c ontinue the deception based on

it even being asked.

Follow the links and you will see that it is just part of a

group of the articles and research that goes on to show how untrue

the hypothesis behind the headline is. One part which is right

below the headline page is the following:

"In fact, the headline accompanied a story on the declaration of

a boycott against German goods and products. The story was not

represented as a 'declaration of war' by the world media; the

headline occurred only in a mass market British newspaper

reflecting the sensationalistic style of what is now known as the

tabloid press in the UK. The date of the article is important

because it coincides with the so-called Ermächtigungsgesetzes which

passed parliament the day before."

For the reasons above and many more, it is hard to even fathom

how a question like this could be hypothecated. Jews didn't even

mount any particular resistance to German actions when they were

being forced into ghettos, persecuted openly, or even as the

atrocities during the war were occurring. There are very few

stories of rebellion or uprising in the extermination and forced

labor camps.

It's interesting to note that had Germany taken a stance of

hatred that did not include persecuting the Jews, they might well

have joined with the political forces there and been significant in

making advances of many types toward a German victory. Instead, the

Germans used much of their resources on alienating and eliminating

the Jewish populace, which included many learned and influential

people. Many of those, especially scientific ones, left Germany and

became instrumental, even world leaders, in developing things that

helped defeat the Axis, and helped advance the societies they

joined for years to come.

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