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Yes the kwakiutl built totem poles.

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Q: Did the Kwakiutl use totem poles?
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How did the Kwakiutl Indians use totem poles?

They don't!

Are totem poles part of kwakiutl culture?


What are the kwakiutl Indians dwellings made of?

The kwakiutl dwellings are made mostly of wood and totem poles.

Who invented totem poles?

the Kwakiutl Indian tribe in Northwest Canada

What are some artifacts found that were made by the kwakiutl tribe?

totem poles

What crafts did the kwakiutl make?

Totem poles, wooden mask, & hand rattles.

What has the author Sisvan William Aram Gunn written?

Sisvan William Aram Gunn has written: 'A complete guide to the totem poles in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C' -- subject(s): Indians of North America, Parks, Totem poles 'Kwakiutl house and totem poles at Alert Bay, B.C' -- subject(s): Kwakiutl Indians, Totem poles 'Haida totems in wood and argillite'

What do Kwakiutl people do in their leisure time?

They danced, made totem poles, or go hunting o fishing

What did kwakiutl totem poles look like?

was carved into animal and human figures on tall fire poles. These poles were very colorful and were a symbol of a family's power and rank

What did the kwakiutl Indians make?

The Kwakiutl tribe lived in present day Vancouver, right above Washington state. The Kwakiutl tribe was big on making totem poles with very intracate design.

What is the kwakiutl totem?

A Kwakiutl totem pole is a wood carving that Kwakiutl tribe members would carve for spiritual purposes.

What Indians carved totem poles?

Some tribes include the Haida, Tlingit, and Kwakiutl, but that isn't an exhaustive list.

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