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Did the Puritans enjoy the way they lived?

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they loved the way they lived so much that sometimes they caught witches and burned them in celebration

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How did the puritans religion affect the way they lived?

The Puritans watched each other for signs of sinful behavior.

What did puritans live in?

the puritans lived in America , Massachusetts bay colony .

What type of people lived in Connecticut?


What type of people lived in Massachusetts?


What kind of people lived in Delaware?

the people that lived in Delaware were puritans (not true)

Where did the Pilgrims and Puritans once live?

I believe the pilgrims and puritans lived in and around Boston and Salem Mass

Where did Thomas Hooker live?

he lived in mass. with the puritans.

What kind of people lived in colonial Massachusetts?


When and where did the puritans live?

They lived in America and England in the 1600s.

What did the puritans and pilgrims have in common?

they both lived in friendlys

Where did the puritans live in 1600?

They lived in a house by M.Y.

What way did the Puritans live?

The puritains were a religion who moved form England to America they wore basic clothes and lived in basic houses no luxeries.

Where in England did the Puritans live?

they lived in small towns in England

What group of people lived in the new England colonies?

The Puritans.

If you lived in the Massachusetts bay colony what religion did you follow?

they were Puritans.

Who were the main people who lived in the Massachusetts colony?

Puritans and Pilgrams

What group of people lived in massachuts colony first?


Is it true that puritans lived in Delaware?

Hwy sure they lived near PA they must have some developement there.

The way the puritans dressed.?

puritans were dressed in simple with dull colours

What kind of people lived in the New England colonies?

The kind of people that lived in the New England Colonies were Puritans and Pilgrims.The Puritans and Pilgrims came to America to avoid religious persecution in England

Did the puritans live in the southern colonies?

Yes. Puritans lived in the southern colonies as well as the middle colonies and new england colonies.

How were Quakers and Puritans similar?

they r both fair and lived in peace together

What are some things the pilgrims and the puritans have in common?

the pilgrams both lived in mcdonalds

What people lived in Maryland?

Catholics, Persecuted Protestants, Quakers, Baptists, Puritans, and Wesleyans

Why did most puritans come to north America?

The main reason why most Puritans came to North America was to enjoy the freedom of religion. Most of them did not agree with the principles of the Anglican church of England.