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This was not a weapon the Sioux used.

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Q: Did the Sioux Indians use tomahawks?
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What weapons did the Indians use besides tomahawks?

The type of weapons the Indians used depended somewhat on the tribe they were from. The Sioux Indians did not use tomahawks. Instead they used bows and arrows, spears, and sometimes clubs. The tomahawks were used by the Apache tribe.

Did the Pueblo Indians use the tomahawks as a tool and war instrument?


What were things the Sioux Indians used buffalo for?


What tools did Indians use?

they often used spears, tomahawks, and they used bow and arrow

What did the Choctaw Indians use for weapons?

The Choctaw used Tomahawks, clubs, and Bows+arrows

What instruments did the Blackfoot Indians make?


What did the Sioux Indians use to make bow and arrows?

the sioux used wood and buffalo

What are the Sioux Indians reasourses?

what are the sioux indians reasources

Did the Sioux Indians sacrifse?

did the Sioux Indians sacrifes

What were the Indians tools?

spears,tomahawks,and bow and arrow

What weapons did the wintun Indians use?

hey used tomahawks, bows, arrows, and some kind of knife.

What tools did the conchos Indians use?

they used lances,bows and arrows,war clubs,tomahawks,knives

What did the Sioux Indians use to transport their hides from location to location?

The Sioux traveled by horse and they walked.

Did the Sioux use saddles?

most Indians rode bareback

What did the Shawnee Indians use as weapons?

The Shawnee Indians used spears, tomahawks and bows and arrows. The Shawnee Indians lived in many areas such as South Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana.

What are facts about Sioux?

when were the Sioux Indians found out about

Did the Sioux sacrifse?

did the Sioux Indians sacrifes

Who lived in Sioux tepees?

Sioux Indians

What did the teton Sioux Indians live in?

the teton Sioux Indians lived in teepees

When was Sioux City Indians created?

Sioux City Indians was created in 1914.

What did the Sioux Indians use for money?

they used caleb for money lol

What do the Sioux Indians use for weapons?

knives and sharpened peices of woods

What weapons did the Hurons use?

tomahawks. tomahawks are basicly small wooden axes

What was the Sioux?


Are the Sioux indians still alive today?

I believe that the Sioux Indians are still alive