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Did the US government really fund a study on the flow rate of ketchup?


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Yes they did. It was featured on 60 minutes years ago. They had all kinds of examples of odd spending. this had to be 15 years ago

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Rheology is the study of how things respond, or flow, from a liquid state when force is applied. An example is ketchup and how it moves when force is applied to the bottle to move the liquid ketchup along and out of the bottle.

Ketchup is a liquid. Anything that can flow or assume the shape of a container in a fluid

One of the definitions of 'fluid' is that the product has the ability to flow and the ability to take on the shape of a container. Ketchup is therefore a fluid

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Assuming all other conditions stay the same as the viscosity increase this restricts flow and the flow rate will slow down. For example if you put water in a squeezable ketchup bottle it would be able to be emptied much faster than if you applied the same pressure with ketchup in the bottle.

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Viscostity is the thickness of a fluid and hardness is of a solid. for example, u would b measuring the viscosity level difference between ketchup and water. water is thin and it's flow rate is fast but ketchup has high viscosity so it's flow rate is slow -zainab

Yes ketchup is a colloid because after a while the water separates from the thick sauce. orange juice is also a colloid because you have to usually shake it before you drink it because of the thicker particles that flow down to the bottom.

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