Did the US government really fund a study on the flow rate of ketchup?

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Yes they did. It was featured on 60 minutes years ago. They had all kinds of examples of odd spending. this had to be 15 years ago
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Is Ketchup used as a Medicine?

Yes. According to a Pot Noodle soy sauce sachet, in the 1830s Ketchup was sold as a medicine.

How do you prepare funds flow statement?

find funds flow statement & schedule of changes in working capital:. liabilities assets. equity share capital 240000 360000 land&building 166200 339600. share premium 24000 36000 machinery 106800 153900. general reserve 18000 27000 furniture 7200 4500. p&La/c 58500 62400 stock 66300 78000. 8%d ( Full Answer )

What are some uses for ketchup?

sandwitches, meat lofe, ect. For homemade barbeque sauces, salsas, tomato sauce, thousand island dressing, and tartar sauce.

Why funds flow statement prepared?

A funds flow statement compares a company's actual cash flow withits predicted cash flow. This allows a company to examine thefactors that may have caused a failure to meet goals.

How do you calculate fund flow statement?

Funds flow is just traditional NI + D + I / debt ...it doesn't take into account any changes in cashflow caused by A/R, INV, AP changes...

Cash Flow Statement versus Fund Flow Statement?

a cash flow statement is essencially a statement which shows youthe flow of cash from the three basic activitiesn of any business.ie its OPERATING ACTIVITY, INVESTING ACTIVITY and FINANCING ACTIVITY. Here flow of cash means INFLOW AND OUTFLOWS ofcash. Simply speaking- wat activity will bring I ( Full Answer )

What is fund flow?

Fund flow is defined as "' The net of all cash inflows and outflowsin and out of various financial assets." So any amount of cashcoming into and out of a business would be considered fund flow.

How can you Prepare fund flow statement?

A fund flow statement or a cash flow statement records the changes in monetary funds over a period of time, usually by comparing the latest position at balance sheet date with the corresponding monetary position a year ago. There are various elements of business that affect fund/cash flow. These ( Full Answer )

In the US you say you live in a democracy but what kind of government do you really have?

It is a republican form of government that is guaranteed to the several states and the Constitution of the United States is a decidedly undemocratic document that seeks to prohibit any majority rule from discarding or trampling over the rights of the individual. The fact that people keep saying the ( Full Answer )

What is fund flow analysis?

hat is a Fund? Fund Meaning Money that is set aside for a particular purpose. To provide money for paying off the interest or principal of (a debt). To finance, using long-term debt or Capital. Synonyms Finance Support Back Furnish Fund = Capital We use the phrase "We need additional funds" ( Full Answer )

What is government funding?

Government funding is when the government funds a cause, charity,business, or product that is meant to help the general public.Government funding has gone to hundreds of people in the past 5years alone in the US.

Advantages of fund flow statement?

management of various companies are able to review their cash budget with the aid of fund flow statements Helps in the evaluation of alternative finance and investments plan Investors are able to measure as to how the company has utilized the funds supplied by them and its financial stre ( Full Answer )

What units are used to measure the rate of electron flow?

Amps or Amperes You would use the unit of electrical current - the ampere. amperes The Ampere. 1 Ampere = around 6,241,000,000,000,000,000 electrons per second (6.241 x 10 18 ) passing a point in the conductor.

What is Meaning of funds and flow of fund?

Assets which can be converted in the form of money. funds in addition to cash items such as bills & notes , govt. obligations & mutal fund

Define fund flow statement?

An analysis of the fluctuations of current assets and current liabilities i.e. working capital tells us how the working capital has increased……… for details and Solved Assignments of PTU 1 st Sem, contact w.jonesk@gmail.com

What kind of medicine was ketchup used for?

Up until the early 1800's tomatoes were thought to be poisonous. A spicy tomato mixture became a health fad in the 30's. It was advertised as being a cure-all for everything. Today we know that tomatoes do contain antioxidants which are beneficial in preventing various cancers, heart disease and dis ( Full Answer )

What ailment was ketchup used for?

Up until the early 1800s, tomatoes were thought to be poisonous. Not until Colonel Robert Johnson ate an entire basket of them on the courthouse steps in Salem, New Jersey on Sept.26, 1820, and survived, did they gain acceptance as a food. The plentiful supply of said red fruit, set off a mad scramb ( Full Answer )

Why should the government use lots of money to fund firework displays?

People consider the Fourth of July a symbol of our freedom and if they think that if a lot of fireworks are not used, people would think something along the lines of weak fireworks, weak government, weak country.. For countries where the Fourth of July is irrelevant to the nation, fireworks are an ( Full Answer )

Utility of Fund Flow Statement?

Uses Of Fund Flow Statement 1. The users of fund flow statement, such as investors, creditors, bankers, government, etc., can understand the managerial decisions regarding dividend distribution, utilization of funds and earning capacity with the help of fund flow statement. 2. The quantum of work ( Full Answer )

Does the US government help fund the US postal service?

Technically, No. That is, however, one of those gray areas. When you pay taxes, you don't specifically pay USPS. The USPS is supposed to be an independent agency that funds itself by the services it offers. In the past few years the USPS has been having financial trouble, therefore it has had to bor ( Full Answer )

Is ketchup really gray?

No, ketchup is red, as it's made from tomatoes. Have you ever seen ketchup before?

What is fund and flow resources?

when the supply fund resources is permanent it is called flow resources. on other hand fund resources are those which are fdixed and limited in the quanity

What is funds flow analysis?

Fund flow analysis is the analysis of flow of fund from current asset to fixed asset or current asset to long term liabilities or vise- versa. First of all, we make fund flow statement and then study its cause and effect deeply and try to find many important facts and information which can be used i ( Full Answer )

Units used to measure the rate of electron flow?

the ampere, or amp for short Actually, it's more accurate to say that the ampere is a unit of the rate of electrical charge flow (one ampere equals one coulomb of charge per second).

What is used more ketchup or mustard?

ketchup because usually ketchup is used for hot dog and meatloaf the two most popular home made dishes mustard is only used for some sandwiches i mean would you put mustard on a meatloaf or chicken?

How can you study but not really study?

Studying isn't high on an individuals list of fun activities to do,but the rewards of studying are great and outweigh the negativeaspects of studying itself. Some fun ways to study are to form astudy group with friends and quiz each other using flash cards.Some individuals even like to make up their ( Full Answer )

Why does the US not have ketchup chips?

It is a matter of potential market. World-wide, there are chip flavors available that are much more exotic (to us) than ketchup. Canada has ketchup chips, lays makes them and they are very succesfull.

What are funding providers of study courses?

providers that will provide you with all your study needs like books,transport,accomodation and more-if you need financial help and if you are a successful student

Should government funds be used to prevent crime?

Government funds ARE used to prevent crime. Who else would fund it? Who do you think pays the salaries and funds your local,state, and federal law enforcement agencies?

What is fund flow statement and their uses?

Uses Of Fund Flow Statement 1. The users of fund flow statement, such as investors, creditors, bankers, government, etc., can understand the managerial decisions regarding dividend distribution, utilization of funds and earning capacity with the help of fund flow statement. 2. The quantum of wor ( Full Answer )

What is direct and indirect flow of funds?

Supplying funds directly involves the surplus unit (person with funds available) lending to a deficit unit (person needing funds) in a financial market (no intermediaries such as banks are needed in the exchange). Indirectly supplying funds means you are giving an ADI (Authorised Deposit-taking In ( Full Answer )

Which chemical use in ketchup?

sauce is prepared by blending tomato juice/puree/haste of appropriate concentration with sweetners,salt,vinegar,spices and condiments and heating ot hte required consistency.

What is the kind of tax placed by the US Government to raise funds to cover its operating expenses?

The federal government raises trillions of dollars in tax revenue each year, though there are many different kinds of taxes. Some taxes fund specific government programs, while other taxes fund the government in general. When all taxes for a given year are insufficient to cover all of the government ( Full Answer )

What did the US government do to fund research that would later result in the creation of the internet?

The basic infrastructure of the internet was a Federal project that was built by the US military as a communications system. This it later abandoned and it soon became a privately run communications system, to a large extent. The US military no longer uses it for its original purpose. The Federal go ( Full Answer )