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Q: Did the World War 2 draft include college students?
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Related questions

Can college students be drafted?

Yes, but there is no draft going on.

How can you avoid the Vietnam War?

Full time college students were draft exempt (draft deferred).

What were the exemptions for the military draft during the Vietnam War?

College students were the number 1 draft deferments.

What organizations opposed Vietnam war?

College students. (They were draft age).

Who were excused from draft?

College students, people with health problems and homosexuals.

Did the US draft college students into Vietnam?

Yes! g vaughan

Who was exempted from Vietnam draft?

College students were the largest and most common groups.

Who were the people involved in the protest?

Predominately college students, on college campuses; and draft age young people.

What issue did the students for a democratic society focus on the by 1964?

The main issue was the draft and the Vietnam war. I remember on my college campus they had a sitin and burned draft cards.

Draft of being a working student?

During the Vietnam War, college students had to carry 18 units and have a 2.0 average in order to be a legal draft dodger (officially designated "draft deferred").

Why were the Vietnam War protests started on college campuses?

College student males were the prime candidates for the military draft; they could safely remain "draft dodgers" if they maintained a 2.0 education average and carried at least 18 college units. Once they dropped below those two established standards...they were draft eligible. Knowing students protested the war (a disquise for protesting the draft).

Why was the antiwar movement especially strong at college's?

The antiwar movement was especially strong at colleges because students were of draft age.

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