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Which came first the American Revolution or the French Revolution

Why do they speak French in Vietnam

Who was united kingdom's enemies during World War 2

What role did nationalism play in changing political ideologies in France

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Q: Did the alliance system created by Otto von Bismarck help prevent war or did it make war more likely?
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They were trying to prevent a Native American alliance with the British.

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What is the most likely reason Bismarck was named chancellor when King Wilhelm I became kaiser of Germany?

Bismarck along with his chief of staff, Moltke, were powerful leaders. Moltke helped Bismarck build a Prussian army that controlled much of Europe and the German States. Bismarck's early successes in the Danish War, in the Austro-Prussian War helped consolidate Bismarck's power.With Bismarck's defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War which took place in 1870 -71, Bismarck's position of leadership was fully recognized. During the war, the separate German States agreed to a unification with Prussia.Bismarck's ability to crush France and gain from her Alsace-Lorraine for Germany, along with paying war reparations, solidified the independent German States with Prussia.Bismarck became the despotic, powerful military force driving behind Prussian domination. It was Bismarck who proclaimed Wilhelm I Kaiser (king ) of a united Germany. This was fine with Wilhelm.Generally speaking, the military and aristocracy (including Wilhelm ) fully backed Bismarck as Chancellor.

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