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No Thomas mattingly never went to the moon.

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Q: Did the astronaut that could no go to the moon because he got sick ever get to go to the moon?
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Who was the first ever astronaut that flew to the moon?

Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to the moon

Did any female astronaut travel to the moon?

No female astronaut has ever been to the moon. There have been only 12 Astronauts who have landed on the moon. All of them were men.

Has there ever been a brazilian astronaut on the moon?

No. Only the US has sent men to the moon.

Has an astronaut ever been to Pluto?

No. The farthest an astronaut has ever gotten is the moon. Although soon we're supposed to send some to Mars.

Could an astronaut land on the dark side of the moon?


What happens when an astronaut kills another astronaut on the moon?

They have gone to the moon not to kill each other, but for a more purposeful mission. They could have done it on earth.

Does an astronaut weigh the same on earth as on the moon?

An astronaut on the moon will weigh one 1/6 of an astronaut on Earth. This is because the moon has much less gravity and mass than the Earth. For example, an astronaut weighing 150 lbs on earth will only weigh 25 lbs on the moon.

What is the astronaut inertia on the moon?

The astronaut's inertia is MORE on the moon.

Why couldn't the astronaut book a hotel on the moon?

Because it was full

Who is the astronaut of Jupiter?

Nobody. The only celestial object ever visited by astronauts is the moon.

Was Roberta Bondar the first Canadian female astronaut to land on the moon?

No Canadian has ever been to the Moon and no woman has been to the Moon. So no.

Who was the first astronaut to land on the dark side of the moon?

No manned mission ever landed in an un-illuminated spot on the moon.

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