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The expedition of Lewis and Clark did indeed go beyond the Louisiana Purchase. It went all the way to the Pacific Ocean and included what is now Idaho, Washington and Oregon which were not not part of the purchase.

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Territory beyond Louisiana explored by Lewis and Clark?

Louisiana Purchase

What was Jefferson's main goal of the expedition?

The purpose was to see what laid beyond their settlements, farther into the Louisiana Purchase and what kinds of animals, plants, and geographical features laid beyond.

On what day did Lewis and Clark leave for their expedition into the Louisiana Purchase?

They left on May 14, 1803, when President Thomas Jefferson sent them to find a water route to the Pacific and explore westward lands beyond the Louisiana Purchase.

How did The Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition and how will change lives?

The Lewis and Clark expedition, 1803–1806, was a U.S. expedition that explored the territory of the Louisiana Purchase and the country beyond as far as the Pacific Ocean.Thomas Jefferson had long considered the project of a western expedition, and as president he contemplated the matter in earnest and discussed it with his private secretary, Capt. Meriwether Lewis. When Congress approved the plan in 1803 and appropriated money for it, Jefferson named Lewis to head it, and Lewis selected William Clark as his associate in command. The purpose was to search out a land route to the Pacific, to strengthen American claims to Oregon territory, and to gather information about the indigenous inhabitants and the country of the Far West. Before the long march was begun, the Louisiana Purchase was made, increasing the need for a survey of the West.GUYS I HOPE U LIKE THIS AND I HOPE IT HELP YOU *_______________*

Territory beyond Louisiana along the Columbia River explored by Lewis and Clark?

Oregon Country

Territory beyond Louisiana along the Colombia river explored by Louis and Clarke?

Oregon country

What was the territory beyond the Louisiana along the Columbia river explored by Lewis and Clark?

It is Oregon Country,..i think

What are 3 ways the us got there territories?

The revolt against their mother country, England, the Louisiana Purchase, and the exploration of unclaimed western territories beyond the boundaries of the Louisiana Purchase.

What are the release dates for Beyond the Expedition Running the Sahara - 2008 TV?

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What are the ratings and certificates for Beyond the Expedition Running the Sahara - 2008 TV?

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What did the Northwest Ordinance do?

The Northwest Ordinance was a act of the Congress of the Confederation that led to the creation of theNorthwest Territory, which was the first organized territory of the United States. This territory stretched from the lands beyond the Appalachian Mountains and south of the Great Lakes and Canada, north and west of the Ohio River, and east of the Mississippi River to Louisiana.

What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the North Wind - 1983?

The cast of Beyond the North Wind - 1983 includes: Phillipa Kidd as Expedition Administrator Danny Osborne as Expedition Founder Gerry Wardell as Expedition Co-Founder

Was Jefferson's position favoring the Louisiana Purchase an example of strict construction of the Constitution?

Absolutely not. The constitution contained no provision for expansion of the country and the Louisiana Purchase has always been historically seen as a case where Jefferson overstepped his powers as President. Jefferson himself was conscious of this and even considered seeking a constitutional amendment to grant hims the authority for the purchase, but he had to abandon it when it became clear that an amendment couldn't be ratified before Napoleon changed his mind about selling Louisiana. So the Louisiana Purchase is an example of an act which goes far beyond anything that could be considered "strict construction."

Territory beyond Louisianna along the Columbia River explored by Lewis and Clark?

Oregon Territory

How did the Roman Empire expand its territory beyond Italy?

By conquest.

What caused the westward migration in the US in the period after the War of 1812?

I am pretty sure that the expansion began with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, continuing on through the Polk administration's "Manifest Destiny" philosophy, and beyond.

As a result of the treaty of Paris in 1783 the US gained independence and acquired additional land beyond the 13 former colonies?

No, this did not happen until 1803 when President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from France and Florida from Spain.

Why was the purchase of the Louisiana Purchase so important?

Before President Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, it belonged to France. It consisted of land that now makes up all of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota as well as parts of what is now Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. When the US bought the Louisiana Purchase, it greatly increased the expansion of the United States. As American settlers moved to the Louisiana Purchase, they came closer to Mexico. Mexico allowed Americans to freely settle in Texas, but soon afterward these Americans in Mexico became disgruntled and rebelled. Also, a dispute about the border between Mexico and the United States started the Mexican-American War (note that America and Mexico shared no borders before the Louisiana Purchase). As a result of the war, America gained land all the way to what is now California, including nearly all of the American Southwest. In a nutshell, the Louisiana Purchase set up a series of events that fueled American expansion to the Pacific and beyond, and without it the United States would only be up to the eastern edge of the Missouri River.

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