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The Olympic collided with another boat, so they had stop working on the Titanic to fix the Olympic then when Titanic set sail, it sunk on its journey. Im sorry i dont know about Britannic.

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Q: Did the olympic ship sink before the titanic and the britannic?
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What was the second ship after the titanic?

the second ship was Britannic and before titanic it was Olympic.

Did the titanic have a sister ship?

Olympic & Britannic

What was titanic sister ship called?

Olympic and Britannic

What was rms Titanic's sister ship called?

The Titanic sister ship was The Olympic and the Britannic

What is the britannic?

The Britannic was the largest Olympic-class ocean liner. The Britannic was the sister ship of the Titanic and Olympic. It was built in 1911.

Sister ship of the Olympic?

The Titanic and Britannic were the sister ships of the Olympic

Which was biggest-Titanic or Olympic or Britannic?

The Titanic was the biggest ship and the first of the 6 sisters

What is the name of the titanic's sister ship?

The RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic

What was the Titanic's sister ship?

There were two -- the RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic.

What are titanic's sister ship's names?

HMHS Britannic and RMS Olympic

What are the Titanic's sister ship's names?

HMHS Britannic and RMS Olympic

Was the olympic bigger than the Titanic?

No, the Olympic was not bigger than the Titanic, but their other sister ship, Britannic, was the biggest.

What were the titanics sisters?

Titanic's sisters are called Olympic and gigantic but then gigantic was called Britannic after her sister ship titanic they named it Britannic because titanic sank.

What was the name of the Titanics sister ship?

the Titanic sister ship is RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic thr RMS Olympic is the most identical ship to the RMS Titanic

Did the RMS Titanic have any sister ships?

The Titanic's sister ships were called the Olympic and the Britannic. The Olympic was the 'lead ship' and built first. The Britannic was built after the Titanic and was originally going to be called the Gigantic.

What was the name of the titanic's sister ship?

There were two sister ships - the RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic.

Was the Olympia titanic's sister ship?

Yes, the Olympic (and Britannic) were sister ships of Titanic. This did not mean they were identical but they were of the same design.

What was the next biggest ship after the Titanic?

That was the Britannic, Titanic's siter ship.

What was the Titanic sister ship called?

The Titanic had two sister ships: Olympic and Britannic. The Olympic was the first to sail, then The Titanic, then the Britannic. ++++++ Britannic was sunk by enemy action in WW1. Olympic had a successful, uneventful life as intended, as a trans-oceanic ferry (these ships were not built as cruise-liners, as that concept did not exist then), and was scrapped in the 1930s.

Is the Britannic the Titanic?

no, it was a sister ship

Was another ships as big as the titanic?

Titanic's sister ship, Olympic, was the same size. Her other sister, Britannic, was slightly smaller.

Was the RMS Mauretania a sister ship to the Lusitania and the Titanic?

No the Mauritania and Lusitania are from a differenent company than the Titanic! Titanic's sister sips are The Olympic and The Britannic!

What is the name of the Britannic sister ship?


What ship was the titanic design after?

HMHS Britannic

Is the ship Carpathia Titanic's sister ship?

No. The Olimpic and Britannic are.