Sweet Potatoes and Yams

Did the pilgrims share corn on the cob pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes or yams with the Indians on the first thanksgiving?


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No. The corn we know as corn on the cob was not introduced to the Americas until later. Also the Pigrims did have pumpkin, but not in a pie. Instead, they boiled the pumpkin. Sweet potatoes and yams were not likely to have been served either since they were not introduced until later. Squashes, berries, rye flour cakes sweetened with either berries or honey would be served. Corn was ground into flour or the corn was mixed with ash and then boiled in stews.


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Probably pumpkin pie, but only because they did not have had the sugar or flour at the time. It certainly became part of the Thanksgiving meal in some year soon afterward, and boiled pumpkin was probably available in 1621.

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