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Did the pope want the Jews killed during world war 11?


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did the pope conspire with hitler to kill jews

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Who says he was killed by the Jews? The Pope doesn't say so (see attached Related Link).

World leaders ignored Hitler's genocide against the Jews during the war because of the position of Pope Pius XII.

He wasn't Pope then...he was born in 1920. It was Pope Pius XII who was the Pope during World War 2. Google it.

The Pope himself has said that the Jews are not to blame in the killing of Jesus. See the quote in the attached Related Link.

No, there was only one pope during WWII - Pope Pius XII.

Which pope? Please be specific.

Most Catholic Churches, particularly those in the Vatican did their level best to do everything that they could for the Jews during World War II. The Holy Father issued the only encyclical ever in German calling on the Catholic clergy and laity to resist Hitler. The problem especially in Germany and Poland were that so many of the Catholic clergy, especially the Bishops were put into the Camps and killed. The Holy Father, Pope Pius XII did such an outstanding job of protecting the Jews in Italy that the head rabbi in Rome converted after the war and took Pope Pius' Christian name as his baptismal name.

Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected to the papacy on March 2nd 1939 taking the name of Pius XII. He ruled until his death in 1958 and so was not only the pope during the entire Second World War but also through its aftermath and the beginning of the Cold War.Pope Pius XIIPope Pius XII was the pope during World War II.

Ok but the Jews are nice to Jesus because aren’t they friends

Pope Paul VI was the pope in 1964. He reigned as pope from 1963 until 1978.

Pope Pius VI was the pope during the French Revolution.

No, the Pope is a Christian/Catholic figure and is of no relevance to Judaism and Jews.

He ordered churches, monasteries and convents to hide Jews on Church property, including within the Vatican itself. He obtained false documents for some so that they could escape out of the country. These were just some of the things he did to protect Jews during World War II. Hundreds of thousands were saved.

Which Pope John? There have been two.

Pope John XXIII was pope during 1962. He passed away the following year.

Many people believe that Pope Pius XII did not stop the murder of Jews because he did not stand against Hitler. In reality, Pope Pius XII secretly directed a plan that saved hundreds of thousands of Jews from going to death camps.

The Romans killed Jesus. The Pope himself has said that Jews are not to blame in this matter. See the attached Related Link.

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews and other persecuted groups during World War II by opening Churches, convents and monasteries to accept and care for refugees.

Pope Pius XII was pope throughout World War 2.

No, the templar knights were all arrested and killed by order of Pope Clement V and King Phillip IV. They were arrested, tortured, and killed on October 13th, 1307. The reason that they were killed is because King Phillip needed money and the Templar Knights wouldn't give it to him and in rage he asked the pope to excommunicate in which he agreed.

Pope Miltiades 313 - 314 AD/ CE was the Pope of Rome during Constantine the Great reign.

Hitler came to power. His Down's Syndrome cousin was taken by the Nazi's and executed. Millions of Jews and others were killed in concentration camps. He was drafted into the German Army at the age of 16. His home country was bombed by the Allies.

The pope's death removes him. There is no pope during the conclave that elects a pope.

The pope in Rome is the pope for the entire world. Each country does not have its own pope.

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