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Q: Did the racehorse seabiscuit have any famous offspring?
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Did sea biscuit sire any off springs?

Seabiscuit did sire a small amount of offspring but none of them really made a name for themselves. The best they did was win a few small stakes races.

Did Eight Bells the racehorse have any foals?

no she was too young

What can outrun a racehorse?

If you mean a TB, then a Quarter Horse and a Cheetah are the only 2 I know of. If you mean any racehorse, then a Cheetah is the only one I know of.

Did seabcuit win the triple crown?

No, Seabiscuit never raced in any of the Triple crown races.

What if you really love a famous racehorse will god include it in your heaven?

Well, the bible literally says the words "No man will know". If you have a true love and friendship with any pet or animal, pray that you will see it on the other side.

Did Seabiscuit ever win a Triple Crown?

He did not. The Kentucky Derby is restricted to 3 year olds. Seabiscuit didn't really start winning until he was around five. As a young horse he did not show any promise as a great race horse.

Which horse was Seabuiscuit's main challenger in paragraph form?

Seabiscuit's main challenger in any form, was of course, War Admiral.

What is the meaning of the offspring?

Offspring are the babies of any animal. For example, kittens are a cat's offspring.

Are there any decendents of seabiscuit's racing today?

I can not name any currently racing, however it is very likely because he did sire many race horses. Recently a horse named Isabels Pearl was rescued from horse slaughter who is a descendant of Seabiscuit and now is safe. More here: Her breeding line to Seabiscuit can be read back 6 generations here:

Do mammals have few offspring?

Mammals have any number between one and twelve or so offspring.

How Seabiscuit got his name?

To allow instant recognition of bloodlines it is very common to use part of a foal's dam and/or sire's registered name. Seabiscuit's sire was Hard Tack. Hard tack was a hard biscuit used by early explorers aboard their ships that were a sea sometimes for months without landing at any port. They were a perfect food for this as they needed no refrigeration and were slow to spoil. So, from Hard Tack came Seabiscuit.

What is offsprig?

Offspring are babies of any animal.