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If I were you I would get your dog into the vet A.S.A.P! My dog had that and his stiches came undone from the inside.

It's unlikely that broken stitches would cause blood IN the urine, unless the urinary duct itself has been damaged. There would be internal bleeding, but not blood in the urine.

Your dog probably has kidney or bladder stones, or a urinary tract infection and it was just coincidence that it surfaced around the time he was neutered. See the vet and chances are you'll be taking the dog home with some antibiotics.

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Q: Did the surgeon do something wrong if there is blood in your dog's urine 4 days after he was castrated?
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Because signs of blood in you urine can be a sign of something serious.

What could be wrong if blood is in urine?

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What is Passing blood in urine a symptom of?

Something serious. See a doctor

What does it mean when you pee blood?

Blood is not a normal component of urine. If there is blood in the urine, something is wrong.It can be a broken blood vessel or something else harmless. Or it can be from a kidney stone or an infection of the urinary track. It can also be from inflammation of the bladder or cysts or tumors of the kidney. Trauma is another cause. There are a number of reasons blood may show up in the urine, but it would be wise to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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Blood in the urine should be investigated by a doctor, not some random person on the internet. Aspirin is a blood thinner, but whether it is causing the urinary problem is something an expert needs to decide.

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Blood does not belong in urine. If your urine is red with blood, or even pink, you should consult a physician promptly.

Is it dangerous if you have blood in your urine and it is painful when you pass urine?

Blood in your urine is not dangerous per se but requires evaluation, especially when accompanied with pain during urination. This could be something as common as a Urinary Tract Infection or as painful as a Kidney Stone.

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