Did they use horse and carts in the 1930's?

Although Ford had been cranking out automobiles for decades, the horse and wagon/buggy was still used throughout the 1930's. We take for granted the luxury of modern cars and the vast majority of American families have at least two per household, but before WWII the car was still a plaything of the wealthy. During both world wars gas and rubber were in short supply, making car ownership less available for people with smaller incomes. Finally, with the returning soldiers in 1945 and the onset of the babyboom and America's prosperity of the 1950's, the horse was replaced at a much faster rate. Family businesses did not replace the old horse when it died, but found it the perfect opportunity to update to a car or truck.

What many people do not realize is that today there are more horses in America than any other time in it's history. It's true we not longer rely on them for transportation, but man and horse have been partners for thousands of years and it is clear we choose to keep them in our lives.