Did Thomas Jefferson shoot a man on the White House lawn?

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NO - it is not true. It's from the movie Swordfish.

There is a very persistent story that Thomas Jefferson personally executed someone on the White House lawn for treason; some sites name the prisoner as a Rodney Cox from North Carolina.[1] We have no evidence that this event ever occurred: no such thing is ever mentioned in Jefferson's papers, or contemporary newspaper accounts. The story, as far as we know, originated entirely with the movie Swordfish (2001), where it is mentioned by John Travolta's character, Gabriel Shear.
The true origins of the story are a puzzle. Several actual events could have been (severely) misunderstood or mistaken for a "Jefferson execution:"

  • Jefferson was involved in drafting a "Bill to Attaint Josiah Philips and Others" in 1778, which ordered the trial and provided for the execution of the murderer and bandit Josiah Philips for treason. Josiah Philips was eventually found and convicted of robbery, not treason.[2]
  • The murder of Alexander Hamilton by Aaron Burr in their famous 1804 duel has also been suggested as a possible source for the story in question.

Neither of the above seems very plausible as a source. Unless further reliable evidence surfaces, we can only explain this story as a complete fabrication by the scriptwriters of Swordfish.

Yes. It is true. During Jefferson's presidential administration, Rodney Cox, from North Carolina was discovered in the act of providing former Tories with information regarding the American naval forces capability to secure American shores. After a brief ad hoc trial, Cox was convicted and sentenced to death by firing squad. Jefferson, being a notorious Anglophobic at the time, served as the sole member of the firing squad. With a single bullet dispatched from a flint lock rifle, Cox received a fatal wound. It took 10 hours for Cox to expire, during which he lay prostrate on the White House lawn. Afterwards, he was committed to the sea in a right proper burial, albeit, without any fanfare.
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What did Thomas Jefferson call his house?

Thomas Jefferson's home was called Monticello. It is located inCharlottesville, VA. It was part of a large amount of land thatJefferson inherited from his father.

Why did they call thomas Jefferson man of the people?

They called Thomas Jefferson "the man of the people" because of howhospitable he was and how he always fought for the people inpolitical discussions. He was known for casual and comfortabledinners where he wore slippers and a robe and every time he fought,it was for people instead of a political gro ( Full Answer )

Which president shot someone for treason on the lawn of the White House?

Nothing like this every really happened. There is a very persistent story that Thomas Jefferson personally executed someone on the White House lawn for treason. This is not true. The story originated in the movie Swordfish (2001), where it is mentioned by John Travolta's character, Gabriel Shear. ( Full Answer )

Is the White House man made?

The White House was mainly built by African-Americans, some slaves others free. So yes, it was man made.

Which president played football on the White House lawn?

John F. Kennedy is the president who played football on the WhiteHouse lawn. He played football games on the lawn with his family,which drew interest from the public and furthered his image as afamily man.

What is the name of the house where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence?

At the time it was known as the Graff House, after the owner, a local bricklayer.. Later on it was torn down but then rebuilt using old photographs and renamed "Declaration House". The National Park Service keeps it as a museum.. It is located away from the center of town at 7th and Market Street ( Full Answer )

Did Thomas Jefferson have a mocking bird in the White House?

Thomas Jefferson had a pet mockingbird named "Dick" which he kept in the White House study. The bird often rode on Jefferson's shoulder and was trained to take small bites of food held between Jefferson's lips at mealtime!

What did Thomas Jefferson do in the House of Burgesses?

In his state, Virginia, at the time, it was not permitted for aslave owner to free his slaves. His first attempted bill, which wasdefeated, would have given slaveowners the right to free theirslaves. He also submitted a bill which would have abolished theslave trade, which also did not pass.

What is the name of the house of Thomas Jefferson?

The name of Thomas Jefferson's home is 'Monticello'. In 1767, Thomas Jefferson began building his home on a small mountain in Charlottesville, Virginia. He called it Monticello which is an Italian word meaning "little mountain."

Which President kept two grizzly bears in cages on the White House lawn?

Explorer Zebulon Pike sent a live pair of grizzly bear cubs to Thomas Jefferson at the White House. Jefferson put them in a cage and placed them on the front lawn. In this way, Jefferson showed Americans that new and exciting worlds beyond the Mississippi were waiting to be discovered.

Why did Thomas Jefferson say one man with courage is a majority?

Actually, there's no evidence that he did say it, despite many attributions that can be found on the Internet. (Similar attributions can be found to Andrew Jackson, based on a claim made by Robert Kennedy, but again I can't find that quote in any of Jackson's writings, either.)

Where was Thomas Jeffersons house?

Thomas Jefferson didn't live in a fixed house. He travvelled the world in a caravan. This was called "the great Jefferson sexy-time".

Why is Thomas Jefferson considered a renaissance man?

A renaissance man is a person who is skilled in multiple fields or multiple disciplines, and who has a broad base of knowledge. A brilliant scholar, inventor, naturalist, and architect, Jefferson played the violin, spoke six languages, conducted archeological investigations of Native American ( Full Answer )

If a Black man shoots a white man is it a hate crime?

Hate crime is not about who shoots who, but why someone gets shot. If a black man shoots a white only because he was white (or the other way around) or another bigoted reason like orientation or religion, then it can be a hate crime. Of course, these types of crimes are politically charged, and it m ( Full Answer )

Why was thomas Jefferson called a renaissance man?

Besides being a patriot and a political leader, Jefferson studiedand was proficient in many areas. He did botanical research, wroteon many subjects, knew several languages, spent time in Europe,played the violin well, desgned his own house and made numerousinvention.

Is Thomas Jefferson black or white?

No the....... thomas jefferson is white he was a democrat, and was with james madison with the article of confederation and signed the constitution. doesn't your social studies theacher teach you this

Was Thomas Jefferson a great man?

That question is based on opinion not facts, some might say yes and some no, depends on the person you ask, therefore that is an illegitimate question.

Which president had a cow as a pet and was kept on the White House lawn?

Three presidents have kept cows as pets. The first was William Henry Harrison who owned a Durham cow in 1841. The second was Rutherford B. Hayes who owned several Jersey cows. The third was William Taft who owned a cow named Pauline Wayne. Pauline Wayne was kept on the White House lawn and became a ( Full Answer )

Did thomas jefferson go to jail for shooting Rodney cox?

No, Rodney Cox was tried and convicted in an ad hoc trial for releasing sensitive information regarding the American naval forces capability to secure American shores. He was sentance to death by firing squad. As President he elected to serve as the sole member of the firing squad and executed him o ( Full Answer )

Where did the Christmas tree on the White House lawn come from in 1923?

At 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve in 1923, several thousand people circled round as President Coolidge walked from the White House and lit the first National Christmas Tree. The remainder of the night was filled with music, carols, and community togetherness, which set the tone of peace and good will for f ( Full Answer )

Why is Thomas Jefferson considered an accomplished man?

Thomas Jefferson had drafted the Declaration of Independence, was the first secretary of state, he was the third president of the United States of America, and America's second vice-president among other accomplishments of his. He did in one lifetime what most people couldn't do in three.

Why was Thomas Jefferson a great man?

Jefferson was one of the "Founding Fathers" of the USA, a contributor to the Constitution and the third president. No offence to my American friends but his historical importance is somewhat exaggerated. All nations make heroes out of their good men and women, and saints out of their heroes.

Which US President was the first to install a putting green on the White House lawn?

The White House Putting Green lies a short walk outside the Oval Office door to the southeast. A putting green was first installed by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954 with help from the United States Golf Association and private donations. Eisenhower was a very avid golfer and was sometimes criti ( Full Answer )

Which president shot a man at the White House?

No president ever shot anybody or was shot at the White House . Andrew Jackson shot and killed a man in a duel, long before he was President. Four presidents were shot and killed, but not when they were in the White House.

Why did Thomas Jefferson think blacks and whites were different?

This was a common belief, that black people and white peopleshouldn't live together. Jefferson thought that black people"smelled different", which is certainly possible, given that bodyodor is highly dependent on your diet. And Jefferson and his familydid not eat the same food that his servants did. ( Full Answer )