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no, the nexus interfered and brutally attacked the undertaker, and Kane buried him alive:(

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He did the Tombstone Pile Driver twice on Kane to win.

The UnderTaker beat Kane for his 12-0 record. the undertaker was buried from Kane then Kane thought he was dead and he was happy about it.then undertaker came out and wanted a match at wrestlemania 20 against his brother.he didnt believe that it was real.

i think Kane leave undertaker because undertaker is best then Kane

NO!!! The Undertaker and Kane are not gay!!!

No Kane is the brother of Undertaker

undertaker is older undertaker is 45 Kane is 43

Yes Undertaker and Kane are brothers.

Kane killed the undertaker. Actually, The undertaker is not dead.

Nahh,man Kane and the Undertaker are not brothers......kane is from Madrid,Spain and Undertaker from Houston,Texas..

Yes, Kane and The Undertaker are half brothers.

Yes, Kane actually killed the Undertaker!

No, Kane is 7'0, The Undertaker 6'10.

Yes, Kane does hate Undertaker, because Kane is jealous that he was always walking in the Undertaker's shadow, and now Kane wants to kill Undertaker.

(2010) of course the undertaker is stronger than kane.

Kane and undertaker were a tag team and they are brothers

Kane beat up undertaker and all most killed he.

the undertaker and Kane are both half brothers

(2010) the undertaker is stronger than kane.

I believe that Kane and the Undertaker are blood related siblings.

The Undertaker and Kane are not related. That is just a stroyline

it was Brian Lee that played the fake undertaker, but he not related in anyway to the Undertaker in real life. September 16, 2008 Kane has never played the Undertaker. The fake undertaker was brian lee not Kane

Yes Kane got rabies in 1995 after that then the undertaker and Kane stoped being brothers cause the undertaker didn't want to get rabies later on Kane shot undertaker in the eye

They are both bad! Undertaker and Kane are suck!no they aren't, they are very good.

Kane and the undertaker umoga Kane and Undertaker aren't dead

Kane was born in Spain. Undertaker was born in Houston, Texas.

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